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  1. Almost there! Just waiting on the resin to be delivered to fix those last two missiles. Then it'll be time to remove the masks and have a photo shoot. Here's a sneak preview:
  2. Almost there. Just letting that last sidewinder dry a little before taking it off the stands to add the cans and stabalators.
  3. Getting there. Still have to wait for the UV resin kit to arrive to do the front of the AGM-65's and replace the kit ones but other than that I should be finished tonight!
  4. And now we're reaching the point where lack of sleep is catching up with me and I'd better call it quits before I ruin something.
  5. The position lights turned out better than I thought
  6. I managed to wreck those lense pieces removing them from the casting blocks. I could probably order replacements from Eduard but with the current state of Australia Post I don't like my chances getting it in the next couple months. Looks like I'll be experimenting with resin
  7. A light silver backing on the red position lights before I hit them with some clear red
  8. So anyone doing this kit or one of the many Hasegawa variations. Make sure you add that little linkage BEFORE putting in the front gear strut! Presumably glue it to the strut first and put them in as one assembly. Getting it in afterwards is possible but it's an absolute pain! Took me ages.
  9. Starting to fit the landing gear and test fit the wheels.
  10. Into the home stretch! Now to let it all cure for 24 hrs before a coat of varnish. THEN I can assemble gear and pylons. I haven't glossed or weathered the rear wheels yet until I test fit them and make any final adjustments so that will be the final step!
  11. Some matt varnish has dulled them down nicely and dealt with the excessive sheen
  12. Decals done!!! I'll inspect everything after I've had some sleep then make any touch ups. After that it's on to a clear coat before panel liners and weathering.
  13. Underside done! Just a handful of decals remaining on gear bay doors then it's time for a gloss coat.
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