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  1. One minor peeve of mine is they offer a one piece resin part as an extra. Personally I'd rather pay a little more and have it in the box rather than have to pay for the regular one in the kit which you won't use and pay extra for the one piece part
  2. At his rate all the aftermarket bits will be out before the kids even make it to Australia (still waiting)
  3. That last piece in the gear bay with the door actuator is such a tight fit you could probably get away with a tension fit. The small tab locks into the cockpit floor underneath the pilot's seat so a little extra thin cement will do the trick there nicely. For good measure I pried the walls wide to get some cement under there. Very easy to do without compromising the paint. The fine actuator is protected by the cannon hump so you can set the model down without fear.
  4. There's plenty of delicate detail in the nose gear bay, but it's very challenging to work with while fully assembled. For people who like hyper detailing these things or are out to win competitions I'd recommend painting and weathering the nose gear bay at the start of the build before assembling the cockpit tub.
  5. Nose gear actuator door needs to be installed before mating the wings to the fuselage (unless you're up for some surgery). bottom that'll be a nightmare to access I'm going to paint and wash it before installing it.
  6. Super Hornet's are pretty balanced so I wouldn't be too concerned. Pylon mounted weapons balance in front of or parallel to the rear wheels. The Hasegawa kits (similar design) don't need it so you south's be safe but if you're concerned put some weight in the nose. You can also get aftermarket metal landing gear which should also help
  7. Assembling and test fitting gear bays before paint. A recurring theme on this kit is lovely attention to detail on places most people wouldn't think to look.
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