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  1. The lap belts had me questioning life choices
  2. And now onto the HGW seatbelts. These things looked huge in the pictures online and easy to work with in the YouTube videos of their WW2 sets (possibly some 32 scale versions). Of course the setup on a fighter jet's ejection seat is much more complex
  3. So some much needed progress updates that I was too lazy to upload at the time. I tried to get the mirrors hapening but they were too small and I managed to loose one so I gave up, deciding they'd be barely visible on a closed canopy anyway.
  4. I bought the New Ware pre cut masks set which made it considerablyquickerand easier . That has two sets of outer masks to do the yellow canopy seals instead of using the decals, then use a slightly larger set to do the black frame over the top of that. To achieve that look you need to paint the inside otherwise it'll look yellow. I figured it would also be be easier to glue mirrors to a painted surface than the very slick unpainted canopy
  5. I know the feeling. By the the toy get any hobby time you just need to sleep
  6. A little heavy handed on the canopy tinting but I'm happy with that.
  7. New Ware masks make a huge difference. It's a bit fiddley to get them properly aligned on the inside of the closed canopy parts, would be a lot easier on the segmented open canopy.
  8. The one above I did a clear green over a silver base. I was contemplating trying to mask and spray it on the Phantom, just trying to figure out how to do that
  9. She's a stunner mate! Easy to see that this was a passion project, right down to the super subtle weathering that's characteristic of the well maintained RAAF jets.
  10. Thanks mate. So you tinted the HUD glass, I didn't think of that. I'm trying to figure out how to mask and paint the glass on the HUD projector that sits underneath it like this Hornet one below
  11. @helios16vHor did you go about masking ant painting the HUD projector and tinting the armoured glass section of the canopy?
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