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  1. Update on the smoker , Bit happier with it now that it Put putputs!!!!
  2. I gave Britmodeller a tag in the description After i made this one i think ive found a way to make the smoke "putter" like a real exhaust. I will have a go at that next weekend. Anyway enjoy!
  3. WOW! just wow! Epic build and great attention to detail, So many reference photos too for when i get round to detailing my S100. One thing i have left to find out though, how did the deck skirts attach to the railings/stanchions on the real boat?, I cannot find any close up photos anywhere. Thankyou for an awesome build thread!
  4. Maybe due to using my Onedrive for hosting. i will fix it when i get back from work, Apols.
  5. Got the same thing last night. Made me double post a thread in Armoured vehicles.
  6. As I mentioned in my introduction post. Left the hobby more than a decade ago with lots of unfinished projects on the table Built a Hobby Hut during last years lockdown to move allmy gear into and start up the hobby again. Thought i would post a few photos of the scratch builds and mods i installed on my King Tigers. There might be some tips that people can make use of. 1. Once you put Metal cast tracks on a Tamiya it puts way too much stress on the stock gearboxes and chassis.. To help with this i made metal plates for the rear and top of the hull and added a scratch built gear
  7. The shed will now henceforth be known as The Hobby Hut!
  8. hi mate, built a few flyers in my time still remember with fondness building an Airfix Lancaster (Dam busters version) when i was around 9-10 years old. Glue everywhere it shouldnt have been! Have a Tamiya Spit in my stash that i will get around to building eventually (everyone gotta have a spit in there collection, right?). Thanks for the warm welcome.
  9. Dive in mate! vids start with a bit of sloppy research then a bit about the model, keeps me from going insane on furlough Yorkshire Air Museum and Eden Camp both worth a visit, been many many times. The Flak 88 at Eden camp is an amazing bit of kit (thats if its still there, last time i went it was outside in a very sorry state waiting for resto)
  10. Just thought i would introduce myself. Been building scale stuff for over 40 years on and off. Just got back into it after building myself a new shed during last years lockdown. Was away from scale modelling for over a decade until that point with all my stuff gathering dust in the loft. It is all transferred to the shed now and i have started making again, continuing with half finished projects and tidying up dusty relics! I have also started a Youtube channel which documents a bit of the history behind the models and how to scratch build mods and turn standard plastic models to RC.
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