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  1. Have just linked to my original build thread for those interested. I just can't figure out the way this forum does image sharing. http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16333&p=122705#p122705
  2. Thanks Pete. I don't have a third party photo hosting account... can you link to Google Photos? I may have to look into it.
  3. Here are the finished photos of my most recent build, Tamiya's venerable He-219. Following the clear coat to protect the paintwork, an oil panel line wash of dark drown on the upper surfaces, and light brown on the underside was added. The excess was wiped off and the model was sealed with a semi-gloss coat prior to attaching the gear, props, fiddly parts. Chipping was added using grey paint and prismacolour pencil, and exhaust staining, fuel leaks etc were added using various Mig and Vallejo products. Finally the FuG radio masts and antennae rigging were attached and navigation lights added u
  4. That's beautiful! Must have taken you quite a few hours to achieve this finish? The MRP paints must be nice?
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