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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates. Planned on posting an update before going on holiday to Jersey for 10 days, but failed. Even though i've done quite a bit more to this. So i'll try to get this upto date in two or three posts over the next few days. Once the XF-71 arrived, I got to work giving the cockpit sides some colour, and added some black, silver and red detailing. While the green was in the airbrush, I painted the seat base, rear bulkhead, control column and instrument panel. Then brushed on the "leather" tan, seatbelts and the black and grey panels on the instrument panel. Then added the detail to the clock/dials etc with the paint pens. Put then all together with the detail kits rudder pedals. To give me a cockpit like this. Slight bit if bleeding has been touched up. Will post updated pictures when the fuselage is together, which as it now looks like this......
  2. So, time to start building this little Spitfire Vb The instrustions for the detail kit tells you to completely remove the rear canopy location lugs, but doesn't mention anything about the front lugs, which are in the way to place the cockpit sides. So I carefully cut away the front canopy location lugs and dressed flush. (This side slightly hacked, the other a lot smoother. Both covered when assembled) I cut out the resin cockpit sides and dressed the burrs, constantly trial fitting to ensure it sat as best it could. and the other side fitted. This side was a bit of a pain, as to get the right, the bottom of the panel isn't as well fitted. will correct it if needed when the floor is in place. Then glued them in place, clamped to help them sit at the correct curve of fuselage sides. This kit can be "clipped" into place, As I wasn't sure if any fettling is needed for the rear bulk head/floor assembly to get the fuselage sides to close properly, I decided to saw the location pins away so they can't "clip" into place. They locate enough so I can dry assemble and disassmble easily. Then a quick coat of grey primer. It was at this point, I realised, i'd not removed the rear canopy locations, this is need to fit the rear cockpit dress up piece. The instructions say to fully remove them. I'm going to look at just removing the vertical bits first, so I still have some of the location feature. Can decided if it looks right and remove the rest if needed. Going to paint the cockpit area and wheel wells Tamiya XF-71, Woke up in the middle of the night and realised i've not got any. So ordered it this morning, have a few days, to work on the wings and under carriage.
  3. I'm in for the ride too. Love these Warthogs and with the extra add ons looks an interesting build.
  4. Yes, however it is for good reason, as the canopy is more "bubbled" the cockpit is very on view. Planned on showing the detail kit, so here goes. It adds the some more detail of the cockpit side panels, currently they're flat. The seat gets a bit more more detail, and obviously adds the harness. The Control column gains more detail and loses the blockiness of the kits You get some rudder pedals to cover the plain kit versions, and a dress up piece for behind the seat. Still quite plain, but better than the nothing on the kit. The rear bulk head gets more detail and rivit holes. The smooth wheel wells have an insert each. and finally some main under carriage wheels. The kit has some blank wheels with the spokes as decals/stickers. So all in all worth it IMO. Sadly the build start got slightly delayed, but it's on my radar now (must try to avoid the temptation of the Lego kit my wife bought me)
  5. My first WIP thread. So lets see how this goes. When I got back into modelling last year (Covid/Lockdown/Furlough......argh!), I made a couple of "Egg planes". Always wanted to add the Tiger Spitfire to that collection. So....... On top of the standard kit, I wanted to try and add a bit more detail, so I bought the Retro wings Cockpit detail kit to add to it. So with the box opened and sprues laid out i have this to play with. Note - You get stickers and decals with this kit, I will be using the decals. Now, as you can see from the pictures above, this Spitfire is designated a RF-K code. Nothing strange there, however my late Dads initials were RKF. This got me thinking, do I make this Spitfire a small tribute to my old man. The man who got me into Modelling, and my love of Aircraft, which has then me to the job I have? Seems too much of a concidence to miss. Not decided to keep it as RF-K which would have been assigned to 303 Squadron......... Or, change it to RK-F, while the RK squadron code prefix was assigned to 131 Squadron in 1939, it was never actually used. When they were reformed in 1941 and had Spitfires, they used the NX Sqaudron Prefix. Saying that, a bit of poetic licence always helps us. So, will see how this build goes, and try and share it with you all, while being something that bit different than the normal aircraft build. Thanks for looking
  6. I did think it's be a pain to get it symetrical, but wasn't too bad at all. Yes, should have put it in the title it's 1/72
  7. I managed to pick this kit up on eBay a short while ago, it was stashed on the pile as a "to do" but I wasn't planning on doing it before a few others. However, following @theaa2000 1/48 Tamiya build of his F-117A, I decided to go for it. So the results. and the tribute underside I painted the underside gloss white and then masked it off. The top got a Matt Black coat, but it looked too black. The majority of pictures of the F-117A look a very dark grey. So over the Matt Black, I hit the highlights, airbrushing on Revel Granite Grey, which isn't as dark as the colour swatch looks, so just to blend it all in, I went back to the centre of each panel with Revel Tar Black. Then used a dark grey wash over panel lines, which ended up darker than the overal finish. Happy with the results though. The only thing I didn't really like from the kit was the colour of the underside decals (could be there age), but they looked cream more than white, so the decision was made to cut the decals and apply just the red segments Decals https://imgbox.com/QPyQXn1T So I went in, one stripe at a time. On to the next build
  8. Sorry AT7GMK missed this question. No, it's from Blue Monkey Brewery.
  9. Exactly. Book ordered and should be here later today. My 1/72 F-117a started today too, just because of your build giving me a kick to do it. Keep the updates coming.
  10. 100% with you on this, so in for the Low Radar Cross-section ride. Also have a fascination with this Stealthy angular boxy F-117 and have a Hasegawa 1/72 F-117A Nighthawk Stars and Stripes Version in my stash which I am also very tempted to start and complete due to it's lack of stabilisers, external mounts or pods, very few lumps & bumps on the fuselage. May have to buy "Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years of Lockheed" by Ben Rich & Leo Janos too. I planned on a Dark Anthracite Undercoat and a Matt Balck medium dusting over it on mine, as almost all F-117a pictures have some shading and marks on a "Flat Black" exterior. Will be intersting to watch how you complete your Tamiya kit.
  11. I'm with you for the Eggs. My first two builds after a long break and a bit of Lockdown sanity were a Meng Lancaster and a Hasegawa SR-71.
  12. Welcome from another Newbie from just up the road from Derby.
  13. Nice build, and following for the ride. What have you masked the windows with? I'm nearly at the same stage on my Airbus A350-900 (once i've unbent a warped fuselage half) and still undecided on window masks.
  14. Love this build and the back story and research behind it with your Uncles RAF service. Read through the whole thread earlier this morning and following with interest.
  15. Thank You. That was the plan yes. However currently the windows aren't in, but yes want to spray the white. I would like to close the fuselage up which will require the clear plastic window glueing in place. PVA glue it is then.
  16. Hi all, 2nd post so be gentle. Im after a bit of advise/masking tip. I'm currently in the early stages of building a kit i've had for quite a while. A Revell Airbus A350-900 in First Flight Livery. I need to mask off the all windows/doors etc. What is the best way to do this? Is it worth the £15 for a mask set? Is liquid mask a viable option, or will it bleed? (Never used it, buthave bought some) I realise what ever masking i'm doing, it's going to be time comsuming, but what is the best way to tackle it. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hopefully this will work.
  18. Firstly Thank You. While the world is in a weird place I needed something to keep me just on the sane side of the line. I had a few model kits laying around that i've either started and could be bothered to complete, or looked at and "one day, i'll do that". I decided to use Lockdown/furlough to actually complete some. I used to make models when I was younger (my bedroom ceiling was ful of 1/72 aircraft) but this time, I decided to buy a cheap airbrush kit and numerious orders for different paints and hopefuly make a better job of them. When I needed any tips or ideas, I used this forum to find help, I decided that the right thing to do was join you all and can both Thank You, and when i've worked out how to share pictures show you the results. Started with a MENG Lancaster, a kit i'd already started, and while I didn't need to paint it, I wanted to give it the Matt Green/Brown/Black camouflage it needed, plus it was a good first run out of the Airbrush. Happy with the result, but sadly the stickers to let it down slightly. While ordering some stuff on Amazon, I noticed that Hasegawa do Egg maodels and I had to have the SR-71, was cheap as chips and with Amazon Prime, it arived the next day. Had a small play with Matt/Satin blending, as SR-71s are matt, but always seem to have satin "blemishes" around the leading edges. Really like how it turned out. Currently working on a 1/144 Revell Airbus A350-900 XWB (in Flight test livery) a christmas present a few years ago from my wife, as I had part in building both engines before it's maiden flight. I also have a Ferarri 348 in WIP and CyberHobby 1/200 Avro Vulcan B.2: Ascension Island 1982 on the cards to start. There are a few others stashed away, both Car and plane. Ordered a Tiger Spitfire Cute on eBay as well, along with the cockpit detail kit from RetroKit. Will add pictures of the Lancaster and SR-71 when i've worked out how. Hello all.
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