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  1. Not quite right there matey. There is a big difference between a threat and what that was, which was advice to back off. This may be an open forum, but you don’t pay the server bills nor deal with the fallout when legal action threats are bandied around. Therefore you either abide by the direction from the admin team which is one of the expectations to maintain a members profile or ask for us to close your account.
  2. Really? And just to make sure its not a subtle hint...
  3. Well not really; not including his multiple reappearances here under sock puppet accounts, this is funnily enough, his very last post on the forum as Jennings Heilig before he was banned for removing copyright details on an image he posted on BM and then arguing with the mods about it. It of course helps prove three things: For him, irony is obviously something horseshoes are made out of. Double standards are evidently better than none. No matter how much you polish it, and sprinkle glitter around in other forums in an attempt to obfuscate your behaviour and true character; underneath, it’s still the same raw material.
  4. Good! Hopefully they will be nice to work with. And hopefully Ronin will come good one day with 72 - 32 scale sets. There are some interesting Aussie schemes.
  5. We had discussed this with TT and informed him that we were happy for it to continue as was. Provided that the posts were just not links to his blog and nothing else. Secondly, if you disagree with site policies the sensible option is to contact the admin team by PM instead of publicly. You may therefore then receive the correct information and avoid making a very public post that is incorrect.
  6. There is a distinct lack of decent decals for RAAF hornets. A couple of Aus based companies do them but quality is very variable so do your research. Ronin decals are a good place to start. They have announced revising the hornet range especially but a lot of people are going purple here with breath holding… still waiting for a decent set of Grumpy Monkey markings for 77 Sqn…
  7. Probably one of the more unusual ones, an IL-18 with Berline. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berline_(airline) UN charter flight to get us from Hannover to Split in early 93. It was a heap. We had to load it ourselves and I was not enthused with the wooden planking for the flooring and the massive gaps between them. I’ve seen better constructed barns after a shelling. onboard the three rows of seats astride the wings were out of bounds because of the noise of the engines and the stewardesses were obviously team mates from the DDR shotputting squad. The only highlight was that after takeoff they rolled out the food trolley and starting handing us bottles of Berliner Kindl beer. There we were, rifles between our legs because they wouldn’t fit in the overheads and the Sgt Maj arguing with the stews about feeding us clowns beer and losing in the size, aggression and moustache stakes. it was a relief to fly back on a RAF Herc for R & R 4 months later even though we had an engine shutdown halfway back.
  8. Dear sweet lord. Not happy about the site rules being applied. Teddy goes in the corner and rudely demands an apology from the moderators because we are at fault and not him. Flounces off. Now back under a different name and new clean email; and we are still at fault, because he couldn’t be bothered to expend the effort like every other member to showcase their work on here and instead repeatedly posted links to his own website and a YouTube channel post. Again followed up as per his PM that it couldn’t be his fault due to past employment and education status. Forgets that having 300 employees doesnt guarantee social and emotional skills and that a masters degree indicates an ability to research and regurgitate theoretical concepts but not effective practical implementation. Childishly accuses moderators of being unsuccessful in social, relationship, educational and employment matters unlike him… Really…. Drama and irony. The joy of the site admin role…
  9. The F-35 display was spirited, considering they said it was not manoeuvring near its full capability it looks to be more capable for BFM than most people realise. Very surprising that Holsworthy, Richmond and Nowra didnt provide anything never mind Amberley. There is normally a pass and touch and go from a C-17. There was also Growler that was noticeably absent.
  10. Good to see it coming up from Temora, it was a very tame display though at quite a high level so not much scope for anything better unfortunately Cheers Of the Corsair or other stuff? Yep to both. I took 11k photos over the 2 days. Waded through and got about 2.5k that are workable, will further wade through them to cull the nearly similar. Lots of stuff there for the static displays but surrounded by people. The only downside with the show is the runway orientation, it ends up with the sun in front of you by mid afternoon.
  11. A good weekend up at the Wings over the Illawarra Airshow 2022. Saturday was sunny at first then got very claggy in the afternoon. Horrendous for photography, but good for vapour from the F-35. Sunday started off drizzly and with threatened storms later they brought the displays forward to try and mitigate with the F-35 on at 1330 instead of 1600. Of course it cleared up just after 1330! I'm not having much luck capturing the F-35, every time its cloudy. Anyway a really good mix of warbirds, what was surprising was the dearth of currently operational aircraft from RAAF/RAN/Army Aviation. We had a static Herc, a static EC-135; the Roulettes and the F-35 were flying. No fly ins from Hawk, Herc, C-17, Spartan, Poseidon, Wedgetail, Chinook, Blackhawk, Taipan etc. Quite disappointing for what is the biggest Airshow in NSW.
  12. How can we tell if they are making money from advertising or site traffic? We can’t. From that you can also see that we can’t differentiate in the application of the policy because we can’t tell. We do know that before the policy it was very evident that our hospitality was being abused with more and more channel links being posted. Therefore it’s a blanket no. The member chose to get pretty snotty with the Mod team before he left of his own accord after it was removed in accordance with a site policy that had been around longer than he had. As for dictatorship terror, it’s evidently far worse to be a drama Queen…
  13. Yep, just looks like we have missed the posts with YouTube in them. When found they are culled. And the reasoning, a growing number of members arriving, posting a topic with nothing but a YouTube video or link to their channel/blog/website and that’s it. We don’t pay quite hefty server fees to act as advertising for their sites/channels. having been copied into the correspondence from the member demanding that we reinstate and apologise to him, he was not helping his argument.
  14. From checking the admin logs, you both had multiple posts in the Wanted Area and Julien has had a clear out of them and older posts.
  15. is that a request or an order?
  16. Greg B

    SMW 2023 entrance fee

    Mmm, 1 post per year for the past 4 and this contentious one is apparently this years effort. Obviously very easy to tip up, expend an insult at the IPMS committee and whinge about the running of the show and then retreat back into a safe little hole. Maybe you should put your paws up for the committee next year, its not as if you are busy on here with constructive comments...
  17. Tried it. We then get questions about members pc’s, laptops, hard drives, browser etc.
  18. Moved. Not a rumour of a kit to be released
  19. For two reasons: this thread is about the Takom kit. your comment was about the Meng kit and pointed to another websites thread about it, whilst there was already one on here.
  20. The worrying thing is that some of those airframes arrive at the factory with bullet holes in them...
  21. Ok, we ccan merge accounts. The easiest way to have done this would have been to email BM beforehand so we could bypass the issue, or to create a new account and PM a mod with the issues.
  22. Bit bloody late for the anniversary!
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