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  1. As I said in my build thread I have been on a folded wing seaplane kick lately. Last week I decided I wanted to do a 1/48 Seiran folded up and just being removed from the sub hanger. I reckoned that the 1/350 sub would give me something to measure and some 3D details for the scratch build of the deck and hanger sections. For a change I got lucky and found the 1/350 kit on the shelf at a local shop so scooped it up. It was the base kit so no rails, clear sections or figures but that is fine as it is only intended for reference and a side piece to my real project anyway. Overall the
  2. Yep it was the largest! Was too little too late to have any impact at all though. If they had done it early it could have been a true terror weapon. Imagine 18 of those appearing off the US coast and launching 50 dive bombers against Washing DC or the navy yards in San Francisco?
  3. Here it is with a partially done Liberty Ship. Yes they are the same scale!
  4. Annnnnd Done! Just shy of 20 hours on the bench since Friday. As I said at the start of this thread this kit was built more as a side project and reference for building a folded Serian being removed from the hanger so it is strictly out of box with a focus on the finish. This means no railings, ech ladders, gun sights etc. Just a shake and bake build. I may break down and add railings to at least the antiaircraft gun decks later if I can find a nice cheap set of generic rails. Will post up a bunch of pics in the Ready For Inspection section but here are some teasers for now.
  5. Aircraft complete (well so is the sub but no pictures yet) Testers Dull Coat over tinted gloss tones down the dark but lets the tiny panel lies still show nicely. The grey on the folded wing version looks horrible in the pictures but when you consider that it will fit on a nickel (5p?) then you see how it would just look feathered in real life. Same applies for what looks like exccsive weathering on the grey parts of the wings. The almost microscopic chipping came out great. The ready to go version shows the effects a bit better. Actually
  6. WOW I now feel totally inadequate in my figure scratch building skills. I made a 1/35 hat once!
  7. Good news! My 6th grade math teacher was wrong and I am capable of learning things. Today I learned how to take detail picture of models that actually show detail. Gloss tint coat on whole sub. Makes the limber holes in the side black but not a huge contrast like paint would. Gives the rest a nice blotchy look. Next is a flat coat to subdue it all.
  8. Not sure about the GB rules or how this all works but if this one flys then me too!
  9. I though the same but during my research I found a video that explained why it had no impact at all. Due to the sheer size of the thing they used two pressure hulls joined together side by side. This gave a nice stable platform so the relatively light weight of the tower really had no effect.
  10. This is the beauty of doing something like a Viking ship. You can make them as elaborate or as plain as you like and either one could or could not be accurate. Personally I feel they would have been pretty elaborate. They had a lot of downtime where painting up a shield would be a practical hobby. Not a Viking era expert but shields would be a very individualized item and I can not for one minute believe they would all be plain or uniform. I would use the decals but weather them enough that they would not be so garish and end up looking painted.
  11. Thank you Sir. I don't really understand why sometimes the pictures are fine and others they just don't show up to anybody but me. Guess I will need to check them on phone ever time I post.
  12. Decks finished. With tinted Future. Detail hidden. With first coat of dull coat. Details pop. Whole thing base coated
  13. Thanks guys think I got it fixed. Even though not sure what was broken!
  14. Weird. I can see them but I posted them. Al my other pictures seem to be seen OK. Can you see these?
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