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  1. I do have a very fine chrome marker so that will be an option. Also going t try leaving the sidewall white, paint the body colour and the bare metal foil the trim ring and cap. That method will all depend on how steady my hand is while cutting circles. The lines are well defined though. I shall prevail.
  2. Well now we have some door cards and since in for a penny in for a pound I decided too open up the drivers door. The carpeting in these was either a heavy textured vinyl or a very low pile carpet depending on the options. I went with the low pile carpet. The brown sections were textured using a heavy coat of TET and the stippled with an old stiff brush. hey are brown so they will be a different tone when I spray the interior beige. And here we have the "Realistic rubber tires and hubcaps as proudly proclaimed on the Amazon site! Well worth their price of $78.00. These have t be painted black, white, body colour and two chromes. Not real sure how I will pull that off yet.
  3. Was reading through this and followed the link to the build thread thinking "oh what an interesting subject wonder how I missed this build". Then I saw the dates!
  4. Figure. You mentioned figures. Where are the figures? I need to see figures. I can imagine they are spectacular as the rest!
  5. Stripy. Little different than the many bare metal or standard DDay striped ones.
  6. Is that figure on the left (by the props) holding a bowling ball?
  7. I visited Rare Plane when they were still in Vegas. I however did not show restraint and filled a suitcase! It is a totally amazing place and I hope to visit again if I ever get ot to SoCal again
  8. All of a sudden my poor old Lindberg Ford looks state of the art!
  9. I feel like Travolta working on this thing. Well, this car is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic
  10. OK so main parts are pretty much cleaned up and more or less fit together. I am hopeful some glue and gentle persuasion will help but I do see some putty in my future All in all it does look the part. Next up is to remove the B-17 flaps they put on as sun visors and do something about that spectacular detail on the inside of the scale 1 inch think doors.
  11. Oh it will be fine. By the time I am done cutting the flash out I will be able to advertise it as "hand sculpted".
  12. Like usual the pictures don't do it much justice. I really need a better camera! And some photo skills. And maybe a bigger light box.
  13. The F-86 is currently in repair depot after losing a battle with Catzilla. It has a broken off drop tank and a badly cracked canopy with one of the poor ground crew losing both arms an a foot! The other guy is hard at work though. The Follow Me Jeep faired worse though with almost total destruction and the driver decapitated. I really need to fix them some day.
  14. Thanks. After giving it a closer look I hope I haven't bit off more than I can chew. The moulds were not great when they were new and after making around 10 billion of this kit they are pretty tired. Be a nice base if I wanted to do an old rotted out wreck but since my plan has always been to put it with a WW2 aircraft I am afraid it will need to look shiny and new.
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