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  1. Great work stef! The tracks and weathering look fantastic, and the busted up fender is a nice touch. How'd you get those wood blocks on the back to look so... wooden?
  2. @ThreatLvlMidafternoon Thanks! For the base colors I just used what tamiya called for - so the sandy yellow is a 2:1 mix of XF-59 and XF-60, the green is XF-58, and the red/brown is XF-9, but I also added some different tones to make sure each color wasn't completely uniform. The dark grey outline was hand painted in with some sort of dark grey vallejo, I wish I could remember the exact paint, sorry about that. Good luck with the build! I'm curious to see how it turns out
  3. Absolutely! I really love how dalek-y it looks- I have plans on making a mountain climbing version of this tank at some point, I'll be sure to hide a little asterix somewhere
  4. If you get the chance absolutely grab one, the kit almost snapped together. This is the non motorized kit which saved some cash and If I'm remembering right I got this one off of ebay. I've seen a few on there from time to time for a reasonable price, so fingers crossed one comes along and you're able to grab it.
  5. Excellent work on the tire, it looks spot on. How did you make the folds in the rubber? Just by carving them with a knife? If so I'm even more impressed, the sculpting is
  6. @Bertie Psmith It is now! But I think it's in reference to the real guy sadly. Looking back on it this tank would have been a perfect Obelix - I might have to build up a collection of french tanks and name them all after the villagers
  7. A 269 hour print?? That's completely absurd, but it turned out nicely! How do you keep your printer running so long without the print failing?
  8. Awesome work, the weathering looks perfect from here!
  9. Thanks everyone! The paint job was a pain to do but I'm really satisfied with how it turned out.
  10. Hi everyone, here's my build of the excellent Tamiya kit - this was also my first kit using a PE set and friul tracks. Its sprayed with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with a combination of oils and enamels. Eventually I'll get around to building a base for it, but for now let me know what you think!
  11. @Corsairfoxfouruncle The camo scheme for that AT-ST is awesome! I really like the mods you made to it as well, the smoke launchers are a nice touch.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! @Corsairfoxfouruncle I've had my eye on a few of those Bandai kits but I've never pulled the trigger because I wasn't sure what the quality would be like. I'll be sure to get one or two now, thanks for the rec!
  13. Hi everyone, happy to be here! After a bit of a pause from modeling as a kid, I recently got the itch to start building again. I caught the bug from my brother, who loves to build aircraft, so to be different I've focused on 1:35 scale armor (or should I say armour on this site?), especially anything strange or unusual looking. I like anything from the 1920-1930s when designers were all trying to one up each other with increasingly ridiculous designs before they settled on the conventional layout we see now, but I'm not very picky and I'll build a bit of anything. Lately though I've been wanting to branch out into creating dioramas and sci-fi/star wars builds so if you have any recommendations for resources/kits to check out I would love to hear them. I'm definitely excited to learn from everyone and to get some good advice on how I can improve - the work on this forum is really impressive and I'm hoping to get up to that standard soon. That's all for now, thanks everyone!
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