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  1. Many thanks for the compliments John. But unless you count half starting a 1/12 Tamiya R1 when I was 12 years old, yep, this is my first proper model build! I am an mechanical engineer by trade, but I don’t think that makes much difference in this hobby. Having the interest, and patience is far important. Hopefully my airbrush extractor will arrive soon and I can finally decide on which airbrush to buy and then I can start getting some primer down...until then, more bits seem to keep getting removed... Chris
  2. Hi John, Thanks for your compliments. There is an oil tank (the rear most one) included in the brassin cockpit set, however these are the CMK ones. The detail on the eduard one was better apart from the filler area which was on a seam line and pretty poor to be honest. If you were using the brassin cockpit as standard you wouldn’t see the filler, so I wouldn’t hesitate to use it but as I was opening it all up I decided this was the best route. The CMK fuel tank set is only designed to have the upper panel opened, so I had to scratch build the framework from re
  3. Okay, so after spending a lot of time thinking, I realised if I wanted to do the wiring detail properly I had started it too early as it wouldn’t flow through the bulkheads uninterrupted. So...off it all came, and after a fair bit of dry fitting, tweaking and cutting...I have half a Tempest!!
  4. Sorry to hear that, I look forward to seeing it completed when you manage to. Chris
  5. Thanks! I wouldn’t call it pitiful, the part about the canon barrels was especially useful. Did you get it through weathering in the end?
  6. Thanks James, much appreciated.
  7. Hi all, First post and first model.... I have begun my adventure with the Eduard Tempest V. I began with the Brassin cockpit and after seeing how Eduard had depicted wires, I decided I had to do it myself.... So, here we have the cockpit framework with the oxygen and radio lines installed. The tails of the wiring is left to install to its final locations, behind the IP and aft of the bulkhead behind the pilot. These are the only ones I could add at this point as they don’t appear to run further forward from references. There is a lot of cleanup work to still be do
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