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  1. Great work. I feel like I know this model very well, having spent many years gazing at it in admiration and wonder on google images. This one and your HAS1 inspired me to buy several, butcher at least two of the matchbox variants, hide them away in the box of shame, buy probably a dozen or more Italeri versions. Become too afraid to tackle one. It even inspired me to begin work on writing a Wessex book. I figured we are way short of Wessex reading out there. Your very model, pre restoration, was an inspiration. she looks very fine indeed since the make over. I feel a trip
  2. many thanks for the welcome. I dare not even think to rig a bi-plane. I have seen many amazing results, and one day aspire to throw myself into an attempt. May well be some way off at the minute. I suppose as modellers we all go through patches when things don't go according to plans. We march on.
  3. Well here I go. Mark here, a 40 something East Yorkshire airfix addict (though quite how that happened I'm not entirely sure, The airfix bit). I have been modelling for a good forty years when time permits, and buying vast numbers of kits under the illusion that each and every one will be built. As with many it started with the glorious airfix spitfire mk1. My models are reasonable, mostly aircraft and never intended or capable of being to the standard of some of the works of art I have marvelled at throughout this great place over many years. I Buy things I like at the time,
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