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  1. That looks great. I've yet to attempt a metallic finish. I would imagine it's not very forgiving.
  2. Looks great. Very nicely finished and detailed.
  3. Tamiya 35190 1/35 M4 Sherman (Early Production). A number of firsts here. This is my first RFI on this forum, and also the first model I have finished using an airbrush. I chose this classic as it's fairly easy to build, so I could then concentrate on the paint side of things. The primer and base coat went on fine. I also did a bit of post shading, and a dust coat which ended up a bit too even so some more practice required there. The dirt & other bits of weathering were added by paintbrush. I've also been playing around with photography, and these are the first images I've taken using a backdrop, some LED lights and the manual settings on my compact camera. I need to play around with the light and colour balance a bit more, as the overall colour and decals are more toned down in reality so I had to edit the pics to give a more accurate appearance. Overall I'm pleased with it but plenty more to learn and master, which is all part of the fun of this hobby. I hope you like it, and any comments or tips on the model & photography would be welcome.
  4. I'm sure you will. I like the look of the buff interior, and the black finish on the engine looks really good. As you say, it's a shame it will be covered up!
  5. Looking good so far. I'll follow this with interest, as I have a hankering for making a MkV at some stage.
  6. That's a very nicely finished model, and the tail adds something unusual to it.
  7. I used some Vallejo Matt varnish for the first time today. It is quite thick compared to their Model Air colours, and sure enough it didn't flow when tried neat. The bottle says you can mix it with water so I did that rather than with thinner, approx 50/50, and it then flowed nicely.
  8. Some very nice work there. I appear to be copying you as I have recently made the 1st 251, the Cromwell and Uni Carrier, and I'm currently making the Sherman!
  9. Welcome. I make 1/48 aircraft too but you're right, the larger models do take up a lot of space!
  10. That looks very nice. I enjoyed making the same kit myself recently.
  11. Trevor L

    Hi All

    Thanks for the welcome messages
  12. Trevor L

    Hi All

    Hi All, I've found lots of advice, tips and inspiration from the posts and pics on this forum, so I thought I would join up and say hello. I've been making models for about two and a half years, starting with 1/48 WWII aircraft before trying out some other areas. More recently I've been making 1/35 tanks etc and experimenting with weathering. Up to now my models have been brush painted, but I've just bought my first airbrush which I'm using on my current model. So far, so good... Cheers Trevor
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