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  1. I had a TB2 toy as a kid, which was blue! We only had a black and white tv, so it was correct as far as I was concerned. Green still looks wrong to me.
  2. A fantastic build, and it looks great in that colour scheme.
  3. Progressing nicely
  4. A long, low rumble this morning turned out to be EIGHT F15's flying over Cherwell valley. Apparently a fly past for a retiring officer. I only got a quick glimpse, but there are a few videos popping up online.
  5. Trumpeter 01505 1/35 AVGP Grizzly (Late) Most of my models so far have been WWII aircraft & armour, but I fancied a change this time. This model was used in a step by step guide in a book I've been reading about airbrushing, and I liked the look of it so thought I'd give it a go. It's the first Trumpeter kit I've built and it went together well, apart from a few small parts that needed some fettling to fit. I left off the mud for this one, and went for some post shading and a dusty finish. I also tried to achieve that 'dirty between the treads' look on the tyres, but it didn't quite work. Something to work on in future.
  6. I've seen an LRDG/SAS diorama on Scalemates. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't do another one!
  7. That's a great finish. Suitably desert worn and sand scoured! I have this on my wish list. The figures lend themselves to a diorama, but like you I'm not confident in figure painting yet. Something else that needs to be practiced.
  8. I've been watching this with great interest. Some fabulous work so far, which is inspiring for a relative amateur like me. I know I can't achieve this level yet, or maybe ever, but it makes me want to keep trying new things and improving.
  9. A superbly finished model. That's a fantastic colour scheme.
  10. I've only recently started airbrushing, and I have the Revolution and Smart Jet which are working well together. I've been using Vallejo Model Air paints. The colours don't require thinning, although clear coats do but you can thin theirs with water. Results have been good so far. They also make a cleaner which I've been using to good effect, both between colours and after finishing a session. I'm sure other brands would work just as well, but I thought it best to stick to one brand to start with and maybe try others in the future. I also bought a book called Airbrushing for Scale Modelers by Aaron Skinner which I've found useful. It covers basic set up and use plus cleaning and maintenance. It also has some step by step guides although some of those are about masking techniques and which order to do things in, which would be the same for brush painting.
  11. Thanks. There's a spare one of each decal, so I can risk mucking up the first attempts.
  12. The model I am currently making has the usual sheet of 'slide off' decals, but also some number plates on the glossy A4 paper painting and decal guide. I've not come across these before. I assume I just cut them out and apply them, but what is the best method to adhere them to the model?
  13. Welcome to the forum. You seem to have the right approach to this hobby sorted out. Stick to that and you'll go far!
  14. Both very nicely finished. I've made the Kitty Hawk Huey and found it tricky in places, so I'm not surprised doing both took a while.
  15. Very nice. The 111 is not a particularly attractive aircraft, but it looks quite elegant in those colours.
  16. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name. (If not, it's there on the left!)
  17. That looks great. I've yet to attempt a metallic finish. I would imagine it's not very forgiving.
  18. Looks great. Very nicely finished and detailed.
  19. Tamiya 35190 1/35 M4 Sherman (Early Production). A number of firsts here. This is my first RFI on this forum, and also the first model I have finished using an airbrush. I chose this classic as it's fairly easy to build, so I could then concentrate on the paint side of things. The primer and base coat went on fine. I also did a bit of post shading, and a dust coat which ended up a bit too even so some more practice required there. The dirt & other bits of weathering were added by paintbrush. I've also been playing around with photography, and these are the first images I've taken using a backdrop, some LED lights and the manual settings on my compact camera. I need to play around with the light and colour balance a bit more, as the overall colour and decals are more toned down in reality so I had to edit the pics to give a more accurate appearance. Overall I'm pleased with it but plenty more to learn and master, which is all part of the fun of this hobby. I hope you like it, and any comments or tips on the model & photography would be welcome.
  20. I'm sure you will. I like the look of the buff interior, and the black finish on the engine looks really good. As you say, it's a shame it will be covered up!
  21. Looking good so far. I'll follow this with interest, as I have a hankering for making a MkV at some stage.
  22. That's a very nicely finished model, and the tail adds something unusual to it.
  23. I used some Vallejo Matt varnish for the first time today. It is quite thick compared to their Model Air colours, and sure enough it didn't flow when tried neat. The bottle says you can mix it with water so I did that rather than with thinner, approx 50/50, and it then flowed nicely.
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