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  1. I've been working through the track parts over the last week. I decided I wanted to paint them on the sprues, but I also wanted to reduce the amount of cleaning up afterwards. To do this I cut the top sections of the two part block and glued them onto the bottom sections. Each track part is connected to the sprues in three places, so I cut two of the connections and also cut away parts of the sprues to give better access. Repeating the above x7 and I went from this... to this... I've also been prepping the wheels. A bit more to do there, then I can get the tracks and wheels painted.
  2. That's looking great. If it were me those rivets would be 'accidently' overlooked!
  3. Top job in such a short space of time. I've never attempted a one day build but it sounds like fun, especially if there are a bunch of people taking part.
  4. Next up are the wheels and tracks. Wheels should be straightforward, although @Kelscale warned of an issue with the track not fitting the sprocket properly in an earlier post. Thankfully he also included a link to a fix, so that will save some time and hassle. Cheers for that! The tracks look fairly straightforward as well, but involve a lot of parts and repetition. By my reckoning there are 336 parts to turn this little lot into a pair of tracks... The main track links slot together without glue, and are then held together by gluing a two part block on top... Time to put some music on, get into a groove, and work my way through it.
  5. It's been a little while since my last update, but I've been a busy boy and got the chassis painted and assembled. First up, everything was primed and painted... I then began piecing it together, starting with the two main sub-assemblies and the gear box. A bit of tinkering was required on the sub-assemblies as there were multiple points of contact, but I got there eventually... Next up was the winch, tanks and leaf springs, which all went together nicely. I also assembled the steering, but I'll leave that off for now as it has quite delicate moving parts... And finally I added the engine. It has four mounting points but even though everything looked straight and square it wouldn't sit right at first. Some jiggery-pokery was needed to get it to fit, but now it's in... There are a few other parts that I'll leave off for now, as they may get in the way or get damaged during further assembly. I also need to do a bit of tidying up plus some weathering, but for now I'll put the chassis to one side and move on to the next stage.
  6. The oil paints really bring things to life. I hadn't thought of using them for dust on the wheels.
  7. Looking good. I know what you mean about photos. I often spot things when looking at pics I've taken.
  8. Nice start. It's taking shape already.
  9. Thanks for the info and tips, they're much appreciated. I had picked up on some of those points, but the more info the better! You're right that it needs extra time and thinking through rather than just following the instructions, and making it in this gb with this sort of help will hopefully allow me to see it through and avoid an addition to the shelf of doom.
  10. Those bits will turn up in a month or two when the carpet monsters get bored of them and throw them back. My dog has a strange liking for the vets. She pulls on the lead to get through the door when we get there.
  11. Phone cameras can actually be quite good. Sometimes it's the light that can be better. I've got a pair of mini studio lights. I only use them to photograph finished models, but they can make a big difference.
  12. I'm sitting here casually, thinking 'not me'. But come 11:59 I'll probably be on the edge of my chair.
  13. Looking great. I need to get me some of those clamps, instead of using rubber bands.
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