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  1. An excellent all round finish.
  2. Top job. I love the truck, the cargo and the diorama. I like those 'shady' photos too.
  3. Some good progress considering you've been unwell.
  4. Love the colour. I'll follow this if it's ok, as I'm planning to start this kit soon and it will be my first attempt at a car. Hopefully I'll be able pick up some tips.
  5. Tamiya 32407 1/35 scale LRDG command car I'm not sure if I'm brave or foolish posting this after Carius' recent excellent example of this model, but this is my take on this classic Tamiya kit. I originally intended to go for a very worn and battered look, but I was reading a book about the LRDG while making the model and from the text and images it appears the vehicles didn't suffer too much damage, so I've gone for a more subtle approach. They seemed to get through a few of them, but it was maybe more due to mechanical issues caused by the harsh desert conditions that took there toll. I took some artistic licence with the stowage colours to create a bit of variety, and I've also seen the recent post questioning the use of large oil drums. It would appear they may not have carried them, but mine was already glued in place so, for better or worse, it stays!
  6. Thanks Nigel, and a fair comment about the gun. I made that about two years ago, and nowadays I usually paint such things black with some silver to create wear and scratches. You can just about make it out on the Harley gun.
  7. Thanks. I used acrylics. A tan colour base coat then dry brushed a darker shade, building it up to create some colour variation, and finished it by dry brushing a dark brown on the edges and a few other patches. I have also used a mix of both since to create a darker leather - mid brown acrylic, then dry brushed burnt and raw umber.
  8. Here you go, I've dusted them off a bit and taken some pics. I made these two a couple of years ago when I was less experienced and it shows a bit. The weathering is perhaps a bit heavy handed and the decals on the BMW are not great, but I was happy with them at the time considering the level I was at. I've also included an image with a 1/35 scale jeep next to the Triumph to give an idea of the size.
  9. Thank you. The leather was an area I tried to improve on from previous efforts, to try and get some depth and variety of colour and make it look more realistic, so it's encouraging to get a comment like that.
  10. Italeri 7401 1/9 scale Harley Davidson WLA 750 This is my 1/9 scale Harley that I finished during the Christmas holidays (only just got round to editing and uploading the pics). I've also previously made the BMW with sidecar and the Triumph in the same scale. I've enjoyed making them all and they now make a nice trio on my shelf.
  11. Very nice. The extra details and additions lift it above the norm. I'm just coming to the end of building one myself, but mine's a bit more 'bog standard'.
  12. Not the one I was thinking of, but it's in there so a point to you.
  13. I had the early 80's England team with the red and blue across the chest, which looked good. Would have been more realistic if some of the players had perms though! Many players got injured, usually snapped ankles as a result of crunching tackles (aka me accidentally stepping or kneeling on them). Me and my mate played a full world cup tournament in '82, from group stages to final. Took us months to finish it. Quiz question: can anyone name the post-punk single that mentions Subbuteo?
  14. For the first half of the year I was working part time from home which gave me some extra time for model making, but I was back in the office full time for the second half which slowed the pace down quite a bit. I bought an airbrush early in the year so I've been learning new techniques, as well as trying out some weathering and other things. A lot learnt but still a lot to learn, which is part of the enjoyment for me. First up is this Tamiya 1/35 Sherman. This was my first model using the airbrush, so I kept the finish fairly simple. Next up was this Grizzly, which I added a bit more of a dusty finish to as well as some washes. then there was this Airfix T34/85. I used some pigments for the mud finish, but I think I over did it in places. A lesson learned. The white motelling on the turret doesn't appear on the model. I think it's light reflection on the photo's. This GMC 'deuce and a half' is my favourite so far. I posted it in RFI and got some good constructive feedback, including clearing part of the windscreen where the wipers would clean it and painting the cargo a different colour to create variety. Some more lessons learned. Finally, a couple of aircraft. Seams are my downfall with winged things. I haven't figured out how to tidy them up yet, which is something to work on in 2022. An Airfix 1/48 Spitfire MkXIV. And a Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon, which I weathered a bit more than previous aircraft I've made. To start 2022 I've got a couple of models on the go, and I appear to have the beginnings of a stash to work through, plus I might have a go at a group build for the first time. Thanks for looking. Happy New year and happy modelling in 2022...
  15. Thanks Wez (blatant plug noted).
  16. How do you change votes? Is there a way of removing your vote from one build and placing it against another?
  17. Incredible work in that scale, or any scale for that matter.
  18. I'll jump on board and watch this one, as I'm planning to build one myself soon.
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