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  1. I do. Visiting the museum with my father as a nipper and seeing that impressive beast is an early memory. I volunteered at the museum as a teen and got to know 328 quite well though I only ever heard the merest hints about how badly the kiddies beat it up. Astounded to see what they brought it back from. My representation shows 328 around halfway through its residency as playground equipment, and it was the second Beaufighter sited at that seaside camp. The wee ones destroyed 328s predecessor. I visit the museum regularly, though I'm no longer a member.
  2. The only other image of the diorama that worked out half decent. The Hasegawa prototype showing off the STOL capacity in the background.
  3. Thanks. The lines on that machine are sublime.
  4. It's an idea I had kicking around my head for a long time. The excellent Airfix kit forced my hand and it came together exactly as I imagined. Duncan Sandys can eat my styrene shorts.
  5. Yes. Red Roo sets are superb and I'll opt for them over any other offering. I've used their materials on Beaufighters, Meteors, this DC-3, and I have their Catalina PBY-6 conversion set awaiting a PBY-5 kit so I can represent PG Taylor's Frigate Bird II.
  6. I love airframes in yellow. I love Sycamores. Your project made me very happy. That you did a great job of it is a big bonus. Nice work.
  7. Hi Jeff There's some good Antarctic ships on offer: RMS Discovery from Airfix, Porqouis Pas? in two scales from Heller. Someone just put a really nice looking wooden construction kit on the market for representing the Endurance. There's a representation of a more recent Japanese research vessel, might be the Shirase, and I've seen some Russian ship kits that would adapt readily to some of their 1980s ice fleet. I haven't built a ship since my father helped me through the King George V battle ship. I think I was about six. Definitely eager to give some Antarctic examples a go, an
  8. Thanks, Alan. The New Zealand connection offers far more, with Hercules and Bell 212s in Antarctic service awaiting my attention. Got some 1940s US airframes to knock out next, in this genre. A Beech 18 and Norseman that served at Stoningon Island in 1946. Gorgeous red and orange schemes.
  9. It's the Hobbycraft offering. The first time I've encountered a clear fuselage in a kit and a big help in the sense the Beaver's glazing would be hard work to install and paint as separate pieces.
  10. Airfix' most excellent DC-3 representing an RAAF machine seconded to the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions. It made a few survey flights before being bowled up a glacier by a storm and wrecked. Snow Goose, represented in Airfix' 1/48 moldings. This aircraft went to Heard Island aboard HMAS Labuan and made one survey flight before a storm blew it down the beach, wrapping the wings around the fuselage ina rather ugly and un-aerodynamic manner. This RNZAF Beaver supported Sir Edmund Hillary and co. in their push to the South Pole to lay the depots that saw Si
  11. Tamiya 1/48 kit with significant child mediated damage. A playground climbing frame at Portsea, 1964.
  12. Thanks for the greetings. I'm posting some old stuff in the dioramas, ready for inspection. Current projects are stalled, so I thought I'd post here to give myself the kick in the pants necessary to clear the bench and get moving.
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