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  1. Having seen your magic at work redefining the Onslow's hull all which ways, I wholeheartedly believe you'll be able to lengthen one no problem, even in two places and slightly progressed. In fact I'm slightly surprised there isn't off-cut pieces of hull lying around to just slot in. Personally, I would either tell people their eyes are wonky if they told me it was 7mm short, or change to another class member. Then again, I don't have your skills or mettle to correct. Good luck! David
  2. Got to agree with @Faraway , the water effects look pretty realistic to me. I've tried a similar technique to the above with vallejo products (link) and got good results, although I used a bobbled a4 folder wallet to add some texture, which was painted with their high gloss gel and then peeled off (and means you can mass produce for later projects). A bit of cotton wool mixed in to some of it can give some different effects too. However, it didn't turn out anywhere nearly as good as the above. David
  3. I meant the hangar! But v happy to be wrong and now to know why (and I assume this applies to everywhere else so exposed?). I was rather busy 'playing' with some squad automatic weapon / machine gun at the time, so I will spare my mind's blushes on account of that... Would it be the same colour as the rest of the nearby superstructure? David
  4. Agreed, she looks like a right brute! I'm liking this so much I'm v tempted to go out and get one meself. David
  5. Amazing picture, thanks Sam. Always forget how cramped it is in these (and the size of helis). From a (distant) memory of a navy day, I recall them being white inside (I wouldn't bet anything on that memory myself), but I don't think it'll make much difference either way, and the lighting inside will likely change the perceived colour anyway. David
  6. I was just about to be a little and suggest one was missing, however I am more concerned about those square holes in the side and its ability to un-submerge... Looking pretty amazing. David
  7. Gets better and better. I'm intrigued as to which deck you'll eventually go for... David
  8. I hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out and it does now seem odd, but a bit of sleuthing found that the breech does appear to be quite far back - probably not the best protection for the guncrew (although the 3in shield was better than the 2in over the magazines and better than the original plans to have unshielded 4inchers...crikey!). Wiki gives the Gloucester as having 2x BL 6-inch Mk XI naval guns (link), with the below links to the surviving examples: Fleet air arm australian museum, this page has a slideshow with the 6in in one of them, not the best view East point military museum, Darwin Malgaskop, South Africa On HMAS Sydney, scroll down page to see one of them being loaded, there appears to be many pictures of these under the other town class pages on wiki too, accessed via here. Hope that helps, but from what I can see it appears fine, if a tad too far back in one photo above. PE is looking tops too. David
  9. Well thanks for that, I got absolutely nothing done last night, no modelling, no work, no chores, nothing. Great list though, ta. David
  10. That is one whopping great Big match you've got yourself there. The detail on this is so sublime its hard to forget its 1/700, fantastic work. David
  11. Hope all is well Guy, you've spoilt us rotten with this build, so any length of time waiting for more is the least I could do regardless. Take care. David
  12. That's a shame Chewie as it was a good idea and effort (it must have taken ages), and isn't too far off looking the part - I mean, I'd be very content with what you've done. If you can tidy the top row, would strategic placement of figures or crates etc, hide any errors on the lower rung (with closeness of rows being a product of someone leaning down on the top row)? Failing that could you lean into the blob and blob all the joints? Seems better than removing them all, but if you do choose to start again, I know Atlantic do stanchions to thread as well as pre-sagged rails, but there are other brands that do similar products and sagged railing, that may be closer to the specific look you're after (instead of needing to manipulate pe). David
  13. I only found nautilus as well, unless you want the pontos kit which includes a wood deck. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/pontos-model-72001f1-u-boot-type-vii-c-detail-up-set--961559 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/nautilus-models-72-501-type-viic-wood-deck-revell-germany-5015--237345 Not sure where you might get it though, I could only find it on their website with other places sold out. David
  14. It does, almost seems like you've applied a wash to them! David
  15. Excellent piece of detail on those perforated beams. And compared to me you're working at light speed. David
  16. Looking good Ray, makes me want to invest in a soldering iron (and thick pair of gloves, thermal suit, welding goggles...prob a cape too, to tie off that look). I'd guess going under rather than over the thickness is generally a good thing, but looks fine to me when compared to previous photos - would need to see it dry fitted really. David
  17. Looks deceptively simple methinks, but you've done a cracking job bringing this to life (and esp giving some depth to the main hull colour). David
  18. I very much like the idea of having three generations of gloucester next to each other (and intend to do something similar myself). Folowing along and looking good already. David
  19. Both works a treat and has instantly solved a long-standing issue of mine - make a keyway for the turrets . Oh deary me. Thank you Jeff. David
  20. Sheer beauty. I'd be happy with either build, but the latest one is really quite something. Impeccable. The only minor point I'd raise is that you can never post too many photos of her (please). David
  21. Jeff, this little big navy you've assembled is really quite something. Whilst I especially like the Monarch and Reliant above, and the Ulysses, and the Belfast... (and the actual ships), I'm going to give props to the Benbow - I could not for the life of me think why a 4 turret each with one barrel design made sense, but that's the amazing job you've done on the camo! Could not see the second barrels until I zoomed in. I shall pour and drool over all these in much more detail tonight. As an aside, how long did all these take to do (/how much catching up have I to do)? David
  22. Let me tell you, a 'modelling oil caning effect' search led me down a very long and scary rabbit hole last night. Does seem that if anyone could do it justice, Guy the preshader would be towards the top of that list David
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