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  1. Take a look at the first link above there's a few variations on that red/black/white theme with various coloured deckhouses; of the rest: Green Glencoy All red Dawnlight Glencoy Glenrosa White/grey Anzac Eilean mo Graidh Naiad White topping Basuto Glenfyne Red with blue? Topping Vic9 (Some of the other blacks look bluish to me too) Various Vic72 Serious research rabbit hole earlier... David
  2. I see me thinking that it was hiding in plain sight was wrong, it's faded black, does seem like you're limited to black and red - with the level of the red rising and and falling in different boats, but then I found this site: https://www.puffersandvics.org/puffer_index.htm Some appear to be dark grey, light grey, red and black, grey and black, different coloured upperworks etc. You might also find these sites useful: Vic32 Pic gallery Vic 56 Vic 96 Mary Hill Spartan with fetching white superstructure Old photos (Vic31 looks whitish) Sorry went down a bit of a research rabbit hole, fascinating topic. Conspired to delete the link with really good detail of their hulls, but I'm sure you can find again from the above. David
  3. The very top photo, if the top of that funnel is black, it doesn't quite seem to match the hull colour? But then looks are deceptive... David
  4. Well done Beefy, that's a superb little sweeper, excellently modelled and a very nice backstory to the build. David
  5. That is an excellent little dio you have there, I'm fascinated by subs, but have no real inclination to model them as, at least in 1/700, they can be a bit dull to look at. This however is extremely well done, both for extra details and the setting, and had made me reconsider my unwarranted aversion. David Ps. I wouldn't have wanted to go in either, but I have a phobia of getting sucked under and through the props (I know its stationary) rather than the much more realistic possibility of freezing or being lunch.
  6. Comprehensively seconded. Theres so much going on here that I don't know where to begin, but she is a real beaut, hopefully there are other big projects to follow? David
  7. Still learning a lot? You should be a teacher by the looks of it, looks fantastic, and the seascape is very well done too. Not sure I'd want to ride round on top of a 5.25in turret in any sort of seaway mind. David
  8. Not just the sails, she's a thing of sheer beauty! David
  9. Mashing the follow button for this one, but with that many parts I'm a bit surprised you haven't already finished her! David
  10. Oh my, I used to live near(ish) to one. Very disappointed to see there is no ability to order online. Sounds like I'd bankrupt myself if i ever manage to get to one again... David
  11. Finally, getting the recognition I deserve! A boat named after me (even if it's one at risk of getting squished by a cat)...made my day. Do her proud Martian! David
  12. Now that is a proper boat, excellent job and weathering is spot on - definitely doesn't look like she's recently been raised from the depths and just enough to know she's been a busy lass. Hope the mark I eyeballs found this useful to return back to normal service. What's next? David
  13. Well an unexpected almost month away from BM, and lo and behold you've finished her. I was looking forward to reading through this in detail but my fingers conspired to skip from page 11 to 17 which both ruined my 'story' somewhat but almost caused me to almost keel over in amazement at the completion speed. I digress. She is an absolute beaut and I look forward to properly following your next builds! Besides the model I've got nothing but praise for your thread, an excellent read, 'nice' to see someone much more skilled and experienced being absolutely brutal about their builds like I feel about my own (bandana on, hammer-armed, spewing obscenities, and open bin at the ready over here), and ofc the high calibre of building, explanation, philosophical digressions, and smuttiness, et etc... I feel like I own a bit of her, bit of a shame it had to end really. The only real problem is: you've made it seem all so easy, I have a sudden urge to purchase the 1/72 Vanguard (1787)...fortunately my wallet and partner will stop me doing anything so foolish. David
  14. Thank goodness for that, I can somehow conspire to take months to build one of these. And much like the Enterprise she looks fantastic, the paper details really sets it apart! David
  15. "(3) Eighty rounds of 4-inch ready Use ammunition were stowed in light type lockers on the boat deck and on the foc's'le deck" - from page 89 of the inquiry, here. Hopefully a simple division by number of shells stored in each may lend credence to the number of lockers each had. And for those unfamiliar with the mystery of mathematics, such as meself: "5 in No. Ready Use lockers were supplied to each of the 7 in No. 4” mountings. Each locker contained 32 rounds, therefore 160 rounds per mounting = 80 rounds per gun. Total weight of cordite per mounting approximately 1440 lbs. The approved amount of U.P. ammunition was 2 in No. lockers per mounting at the mounting, and 4 in No. per mounting stowed elsewhere. Each locker contained 10 charges." Pg389 of the Inquiry, here. Now I assume they asked someone, listed on that link, who was familiar with the loadout at the time of loss and not just the plans and working back to what should have been present. Although, since I believe the Board appeared to discount the boat deck fire being a direct cause of loss, I doubt they would've put much effort into ascertaining the exact numbers if lower (say 4), since the higher number (5) was not felt responsible; but hopefully it was documented correctly. I was going to reply differently as my memory was that there had been a change in configuration, number and/or placement of the RU lockers (might just be for the UP), following some mishaps with the UP ammo (and wanting to reduce the amount of explosive and/or concentration thereof on deck). Unfortunately I couldn't refind the section, and I was pretty sure its somewhere either nearby to a discussion on securing the lockers at sea, at action stations, etc in the Inquiry, or somewhere in Briggs' book. Good chance it's a false memory however. So, 5? But one is a Where's Wally of lockers/heavily camouflaged? David
  16. So when you said that you don't mind the rigging phase, you really meant it! She looks absolutely, superlatively, outstanding Steve! David
  17. I must say, I do sound much better in french...now let's see what I remember: Fetchez la vache. Yup, still got it! David
  18. Lookin good already, I have an undeniable love affair with these small kits... David
  19. A maritime GB, i guess I have a few in the stash, count me in! David
  20. Either keep it safely away from icebergs or ensure there are (accessible) binoculars in the crowd nest! Really depends on your skill level, but I always have a good look on these forums (fora?) for others' builds first to give me an idea of what to expect before commencing a build. I mainly use revell contacta glue (applied with a toothpick if needed), but also superglue (a variety of types), pva (anything cheap), and some special glue that doesn't fog up clear parts. Full set of tools, best not to try to make do, but also no need to spend a fortune. Read through the instructions first, take it slow. I probably spend more time on sanding than anything else (apart from research), start from a rougher texture to smooth obv. Filler is almost always likely to be needed, the type depends on how shoddily I put something together and how big the gap is, or if I can easily get to the filler to sand it back. Think about how you want to display it, it might make more sense to paint the hull and secure that to a base to minimise handling of the model later (fingerprints, oil from fingers or - in my case - clumsy rearranging of deck parts). Also think about how you'll paint those tiny parts once all installed, I often paint on the sprue or attach to blue tack/tape to paint, or make subasemblies for installation later. Sorry if teaching to suck eggs, and for not having experience with this particular model, but have a look on scalemates for add-ons if desired. If this is your first model and you want an absolute showstopper, then prob best to have a go at something cheaper and build up to it. Equally, have fun and give it a go, you'll soon improve as you go along. David In my research for the Titanic I have in the stash, I came across convincing evidence that the red hull colour is much pinker in hue than usually depicted, so add research to the recommendations above.
  21. Ha! Thanks Dave, I am British after all. I'll be continuing very soon, she's close to being finished, but it will be the earlier version of her without all the bofors and extensions. Just need to pluck up the courage to do the crew. David
  22. Oh yes I'd like to see your Enterprise, this one has come out a treat and the paper details has blown my mind, amazing work! David
  23. An interesting story Mr Tango! I'm not sure about not having space for a capital ship to dock, esp one that needed supplies and leaving it, it sounds like, outside of the inner harbour defences, but I like the diorama idea! You can find a log for PoW here: https://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-01BB-HMS_Prince_of_Wales.htm, certainly lists a few merchant ships that could fit this bill (but on the way to escort a malta convoy). If you are building in 1/700, there are some manufacturers that build some of these merchant vessels listed in the above, AJM Models springs to mind. There are also some examples of harbour boats, tugs, etc on scalemates that you could use to populate the scene. I don't see how being coal fired precludes the transfer of fuel, so I'm sure that ok. If you read the above log, assuming it is PoW (and regardless of someones affinity to tell 'tales', I've found that memory of wartime, especially if telling a story many years after, often gets details confused or muddled up - it could be any one of several battleships, battlecruisers, or cruisers), you can research some of those merchant ships to see if any went onwards to the Pacific, narrowing down which vessel you want and what her paintwork will likely be. I think your best bet is to try to find out which ship he served on and take it from there. Sorry I cant be of more help, David
  24. Thanks Jeff, you should see the pile of leftover parts! Fortunately the list is on a word doc, so just a copy and paste job here, but good to have a backup. David
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