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  1. Background and Plan The Admiral Graf Spee was the third and final member of the Deutschland class cruisers, vessels nominally of 10,000 tons but which displaced slightly over this. If by 'slightly' you include the ~2,000 ton weight of a Fletcher class destroyer on top! For all their innovations they were, imo, quite flawed. Overgunned for commerce raiding, nor really fitting in with the wider Kriegsmarine. They disproved themselves of being able to take on groups of smaller cruisers - which I can't imagine was too much of a surprise to their planners, builders nor hopefully, operators. This can be explained by being built much earlier, disjointed pre-war naval planning, and treaty restrictions; amongst many other reasons. And, ofc, the adopted naval strategy and wartime naval planning was also significantly flawed. So, the Deutschlands are not among my favourite vessels, but there is a certain allure to strapping battleship-esque-calibre guns to a cruiser and she is a bit of a looker with an interesting history. Spee herself participated in the Spanish Civil War, George VI's Coronation Review and, after sinking c.50,000 tons of shipping, encountered Force G, minus the Cumberland, off the River Plate. After the ensuing battle, she had to put into Montevideo harbour for repairs, but damage to her raw fuel processing plant (meaning ~15hrs sailing left, without repair), other battle damage, fears of reinforcements, and lack of shells (~20-30mins worth) and other supplies really gave her crew no choice but to scuttle, or sail to likely oblivion. Obligatory 'history' lesson complete: Among the reasons the Spee was chosen from other Matchbox offerings were price, historical relevance and because fitting all participants of the River Plate battle onto a 'diorama' (line-up really) is quite feasible. The eventual plan, yup - you guessed it, is to have the Spee, Exeter, Achilles and Ajax together. As with the Fletcher, this means a temporary seascape base is needed for now, which will again be a challenge later on in the build. ...
  2. Avast ye fellow Matchbox GBers, This fake Admiral is back and this time...it's nautical! Much like last time really, but without calling anyone airheads in the introduction. After starting on Revell's reissuing of a Matchbox kit (the USS Fletcher, WIP), and very much liking what I found, I thought it only proper that I do an actual Matchbox kit. So, after a search on a certain auction site, i found... ...the feared 'pocket battleship' Admiral Graf Spee (and at half price of other sellers - thank you kindly)! Of course, putting any 1977 model up against modern kits is a bit unfair, so the am… ...the extensive Shipyard Works deluxe set! One slight problem, it's for the Trumpeter/PitRoad kit. In the words of the second most famous spears (after the weapon of long-pointed fame, ofc): oops, I did it again. Luckily, I still have that hammer. Here's some pics of these contents: [PE pics to be added later]...
  3. Welcome to the floaty side! There does appear to be pe for this kit, if you search on scalemates but depends on how much detail and/or cost you want. Sorry if I misunderstood the above, headache today is affecting my comprehension... Must say, a very interesting choice, especially for a self-confessed plane guy. I'd just try to sand back the putty after using a scalpel to get rid of the worst of it, acetone etc may damage the styrene? But then I'm no expert. Good luck and will be following this with interest. David
  4. Really nice end product Mr Beefy, as Jamie has said an undermodelled and undervalued class, so glad to see this. Rigging looks especially fantastic. David
  5. That escalated quickly! Shame to see the British Racing beige disappear... David
  6. Quite a fascinating story. I've searched high and low this morning and, like you, can find no clear photo or official record of this flight being called Coniston Water - excepting passengers who clearly recalled the name durign their subsequent ordeal in Kuwait, the link below is quite convincing to me that this plane was renamed from City of Leeds to Coniston Water. There was a photo that could be Coniston water but it was too blurred to make out clearly (and could be Christopher Marlowe) but it didn't appear to be city of leeds. I did find a separate Derwent Water, renamed in 1988 and suggests that some of these were renamed from cities to bodies of water. Anyway, Wiki entry and military wiki entry, this seems to show a photo dated both as 1985 and 1988 in subsequent links. Rumours of special forces aboard, no photos, just interesting More info of Kuwait and older photo and wreck planespotters page, older photos, no mention of CW name. And link to Derwent water plane renamed 1988, Airhistory page, links and pic Aviation safety page, more photos Jetphoto jetphotos page, only 1 photo as Marlowe Airliners page, should be 8 photos, not sure if any or all are G-AWND... Closeup photos of tail wreckage, definitely the blue and not earlier red, Extract from bloodied but not beaten book with survivor testimony, no photos or mention of name, but interesting Flight 149 hostage crisis book extract, with pretty convincing testimony to the Coniston water name. From what I can see the livery and other paint jobs varies a bit, but hopefully you can piece together from photos above what she looked like at different parts of life. Apologies if I've duplicated your research, but it appears for some of its life as a blend of schemes compared to other BA 747s, particularly when moving from BOAC to BA. David
  7. Thanks @stevej60 I have a 19 month old daughter so patience is a skill I've been honing recently... AA and smaller pe on the cards for tonight after someone's bedtime. David
  8. That pontos kit looks pretty...well it does look pretty, but also pretty darn comprehensive. I've added it to my wishlist for my Revell build too - thank you. I was much earlier in my Vallejo journey so had not invested in a set painting routine (and definitely not something that well thought out). If it ain't broke (and gives you such good results as on your Mikuma)... If you ever find an Academy 1/350 Bismarck kit (I got it for £5 in a charity shop), you'd see why I'm having to scratchbuild a few pieces! Some of the AA is just square blocks of plastic. Depends on the date you want to represent as these were painted over by 21.05.41 in Grimstadfjord. That said, contrary to what I type on here, I'm not a stickler for accuracy and will be employing some creative interpretations in my own builds (red or yellow turret tops for each one). David
  9. Very true, but rather a bit bling for my liking judging by the pe box. I am beginning to rethink my life choices... I can take no credit on this front. Out of shot above is a bottle of Lagavulin 16yr. My bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail needs replacing. It's not a cheap hobby, I tell you. Thanks for watching and words of encouragement! David
  10. First few shots, not much to see really and definitely a one step forward, two steps back sort of day. I was going to proceed by a rule of nothing comes off until I am happy with the pe replacement. That went out the window when first cutting/sanding, there would be no way to remove tiny bits without damaging others. Shame, but living dangerously is more fun I guess. As my first 'Matchbox' kit, I was very happy and suprised with the quality of fit, much better than many much newer offerings. I am searching for more now...Graf Spee will be up next and has arrived sans pe, but I have a feeling I might not be able to do both by deadline. Anyway, pics: Ruining the Matchbox kit (forgot to take a photo earlier, so half done - shrapnel just above kit, I broke the deck-hull bond in places): Deck pretty much cleared now, final tidy up will be done later (deck-hull bond redone and relatively flush again): The pe height seems about perfect... Oh no isn't (and I need that deck to support weight and tension above it, which I didn't want to place on a pe deck alone): Further issue, using pe made for a different kit rears its ugly head in a much more difficult-to-fix way (and this has already been sanded back quite a bit-the circumference of the kit is far too large and out of shape): Success (upper levels are just placed on top and not themselves finished either/loosely affixed) but the fit is good - my achievement today is just the banding/walls of this one deck house (look at all that pe behind!): Slow going, but as this was part of the kit's main deck and other pieces are separate, so easier to access, I do not expect them to be as difficult or time-consuming to do... The damage caused to the main deck from thinning the walls needs to be undone and can be tied into levelling the deck where needed and fixing any other damage earlier. I may put that to one side and give some of that pe a crack first. David
  11. Following this, it's in my stash too. Ship is huge and the packaging is so much larger! I can't recommend the colourcoats range enough, sprays or brushes beautifully and is extremely well researched (so should be the most accurate available), but I see you've already ordered in. I spent a small fortune on another manufacturer's range prior to ordering from Jamie, so I feel your pain, but it was still worth it for me. To each their own though. They did indeed paint over the hull stripes after the Denmark Straits battle. I believe there is a detailed discussion of it on this build, page 2 shows the camouflage pattern I think you may be after. The wreck videos/photos show the hull stripes are now (so may have been prior to sinking) slightly visible underneath the overpainted grey. I haven't bought pe for this yet and haven't seen the pontos set, but if you're feeling 'spendy', Veteran Models do a whole bunch of resin/pe upgrades that are mighty fine, such as (but not limited to) ammo lockers and navigation/bridge equipment. I've already got that set for an Academy version so will be buying them twice... And not to try to max your credit card, but the anatomy of a ship book is worth its weight in gold (although for me that is also because the Academy kit lacks in detail and will require some scratching). David
  12. I really like this build, and I do not think I'm alone in saying that the weathering is really convincing (I'm not sure where you think this wasn't ideal, but I cannot see it). Can't wait for the next build! David
  13. Thanks for the good tip on the tape, CA and brass rod. Shall remember that one for future! David
  14. Even on the sprues it looks stunning, can't wait to see this take shape. Just had a 20yr flashback to H64 running out and trying to make some more from dark sea grey and white. Suffice to say, mother was not best pleased I 'painted' the new kitchen table... David
  15. Looking good Steve. I'll be following this one with much interest. David
  16. Hmm, quite a pickle. Eat all the food, then insert models in fridge. Problem solved? Definitely an initial win-win for someone. Admittedly, I haven't thought through the consequences of my plan after stage 2... David
  17. As someone who suffers in the heat (for me, anything over 25C...) I feel your pain. I would've thought you need to store the models in the fridge at those temps. Still, looking good, and glad to see that a little heat isn't affecting the Seydlitz. David
  18. Simply staggering work here. I actually prefer the brass strips overpainted, I can't imagine they'd leave it as normal brass in wartime. Bit bling-y for my liking. David
  19. Sacrilegious Rob! The 747 was held together with majesty and wonder! And rivets...probably some gaffer tape too. Last one I went on was a Virgin flight and (I didn't expect it, she was an ol lass by this point after all) didn't creak too much! The power though And honest to the modelling gods, the return night flight was on a busted 3-month old 787! That I specifically paid more to get on and see just how amazing it was. But that was poor airline maintenance (broken lockers, trays, toilets, seats, TVs, etc) than the plane's fault. Lighting still nice though. Never could fathom what happened on that plane to break so much in so little time. David
  20. I believe @ArnoldAmbrose is correct, most modellers seem to paint them brass anyway, but whether they were subsequently painted over I don't know, which would make sense, but not sure that was actually done. I believe most navies did similarly before replacing with e.g. semtex or nonslip paint around the 30s and 40s. Could be a if it ain't broke don't fix it sort of thing; tied in with 1930-40s oil restrictions on Japan to develop alternatives, or funding put into other research. Dunno. Hood website has this documented for that vessel and an internet search of corticene will likely include RN sailors mentioning keeping the brass strips nice and shiny. The National Archives has research on the alternatives and testing thereof, but Covid got in the way of me accessing (what I believe will be quite a 'dry' document)... Sorry, turns out I like prattling about decks...but don't mistake my lay opinion for fact, or what @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies or @dickrd might more correctly input. Anyway, these builds are looking real nice! David
  21. Coming along nicely at a pace. I just purchased the matchbox version of this and will be 'borrowing' heavily from this log. David
  22. Thank you for this new supply of profile pics. The longer I can keep my mug away the better (for all you, I have to look at it every day...). But seriously, oh lordy she's gorgeous. Not in the Hood, Tiger, Kirov, etc sort of way perhaps, but definitely in the: 'here's the bloody Warspite' sort of way. More businesslike if you will. My fav. Also thank you, more importantly, for giving us some detailed images for future building. Just wish she was moored in the Thames... David
  23. Didn't understand your instructions for the underside there at all (I think more my lack of sleep than your wording), but looks v fiddly and something my flailing fat fingers would've mangled up no end, so good job. There are wood packs that provide deck edging of wierd shapes etc, that may be useful for the tramway/catapults, otherwise may require you to use the excess wood deck to score and cut to shape? i.e. to make your own planks and then cut the wooden deck to size... Personally, I would just claim that's where the wood stopped to stop interference with the tramway/catapult and paint the underlying deck where the wood should be a dirty steel colour. I'd then shove a plane over the top just in case... David
  24. Hi Thomas, I don't have the instructions nor this kit, but if you can post pics of them I'll definitely try to help. Otherwise I'd suggest searching 'britmodeller airfix Trafalgar' online and trying to see if you can view what others have done in a build log. I see @SimonLbuilt a really good looking one here, and might be able to help? David
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