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  1. i was hoping someone would do one of these......i keep looking at them and wanting to add them to stash as i think there should be more british WW2 trucks lol
  2. Finished, this is now in the gallery of works in RFI
  3. I FIXED IT! lol luckily I didnt glue the road wheels/return rollers in so I have put the road wheel and the return on the wrong pegs on the bogie frame now this is resolved, tracks are on and varnish is drying, I use winsor and newton mat varnish, relatively tough stuff and dries quick but I always give it a good few hours if not over night.
  4. so slight update as I am on my long week of shifts so thus far: vallejo black mecha primer sprayed on and looks thick but its very shiney when it goes on but dries a wonderful matt black smooth finish Tried a different approach to the SCC15, as the colour I normally use gums up the airbrush for some odd reason so what I have done is use vallejo Olive grey then mix a few drops of camo olive green and it gets you to something close to SCC15. For the canvas that looks REALLY stark is based in matt white then some watered down coats of off whit
  5. different is good and tbh I do the same with my military vehicles, my 90 is a marked up as a medical support vehicle, irony of which, I bought it years ago and marked it up then started working for the ambulance service lol
  6. Feel free, I like doing these sorts of vehicles, of course gun tanks, assault guns etc are awesome but something about the medical/logistics side of things that I sometimes think gets forgotten. Cheers Jonathan
  7. nicely done, I hope takom pull their finger out and re-issue the 432 i need a few more lol
  8. I know, I know another kit, but these are relatively small and you don't need to add lots of gubbins/stowage. I was inspired by this photo of New Zealand infantry (I believe) which shows a couple of chaps with a universal carrier decked out to recover injured from the battlefield so the building began and being a tamiya kit it went together well....although there is a issue which i shall share shortly Made the jerry can carrier out of some plasticard L and strip with added copper posts, the front bin has been added and the 37 pattern m
  9. Tamiya 1/35 SAS Jeep, this was completed as a "recon" jeep in NWE based somewhat on the SAS jeeps and also the cut away airborne jeeps that basically were festooned with gubbins and stowage and also a number of different weapons, but this one is armed with the M2 .50cal.
  10. Weathering and what not now done in the usual fashion: pin wash, dark grimey wash and weathering pigments, however with the pigments i kinda tried a new mix added red oxide pigment to a muddy colour mix.....I didn't think that such a small amount would make it that red it was really like a brick red/brick dust colour which i tried to tone down by adding another dusting of powders the rest of the completed photos are in the gallery in the RFI Cheers Jonathan
  11. LDV - Look, Duck, Vanish Well it would be if it wasn't armed with a .50cal M2 lol So I had some time to kill and i had this kit floating around in the stash as its a nice kit to play with, having already made a desert version of the SAS jeep and as i would doing my usual trip through my bookshelves I thought about what they used in the ETO and found that alot of "Recon" jeeps were armed to the teeth and well this is kind of a "what if" firmly based in reality, sort of if you had access or could get hold of the kit either by fair means or foul. first ti
  12. Ok so Confessions time......I have built a few models in the last few weeks without a build thread basically because I have been busy with work and just coming home and using the models to unwind, still took some photos of the build but here are the finished products lol 1/35 Tamiya M113A1 "CASEVAC" (the red crosses on the sides varied from skinny and small to 2/3rds of the side of the vehicle) 1/76 Airfix Scammell Tank Transporter, the 1/76 Airfix Cromwell I built a while ago Cheers Jonathan
  13. I'll have dig through my photos as I have been going to the war and peace show for the last 24 years (unfortunately not last year and this year sadly) and been displaying my trucks the last 15 years lol, so I should have some of that sherman somewhere so I don't mind sharing a few. Jonathan
  14. 100% I am gunna be getting this kit, what you have done with it makes me want to have a go at it lol I am lucky enough to know someone who drove one of these beasts, he says it was abit of a jump from driving a Cromwell to tortoise lol
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