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  1. Hi, here's a small update. The gargrot part did not sit well in place .. on the sides.
  2. Adrian, thank you very much for your rating. As for Frog, of course, modern plastic breaks new records every year ... but sometimes this does not affect good assembly ...)
  3. A small update before I get into the long and persistent processing of the joints) I decided to open the cockpit canopy, and for this to refine the visible part of its mount. To begin with, I depicted the loops of its attachment. As before, I used Evergreen bar and strips. He lengthened the cutouts by checking the walkaround. Sorry for the background ...
  4. Friends, thank you for your kind words! It is very pleasant that you take time for feedback. As for the "first construction", I think an explanation is needed. I started gluing Frog back in the 80s of the 20th century, when I was less than 10 years old ... These were my really first models, they did not know what paint was, I only dreamed of an airbrush) And I sincerely think those models were mine best crafts)) Now I have an airbrush ... but there is not a single finished model, only a few started ... and not painted. Until recently, the airbrush terrified me)) This is the first project that I intend to complete ... no matter what ... I hope with your support, friends! This is why I call this the first model ... sorry if I misled anyone. As for a specific aircraft ... judging by the plastic, these are medium series ... (possibly block 20-25)? I will decide on the option a little later. I need to check the sources and see what fits in the boxed decals. I like workhorses more than painted boards ... but I haven't made a final decision yet) Thanks again for your interest in this construction site!
  5. Hello everybody! Let's continue. I tried to diversify the visible part of the engines. He turned the coca to a less sharp shape, added holes in them. I highlighted the blades with a scriber, added white plastic dividers. Here's what happened. I sanded the joints of the air intake channels from the inside and blew it out in white. Face motors can be inserted! Of course, nothing is visible in the air intake channels without a flashlight.
  6. Good morning! A small continuation. Got to the wings. Sawed to pieces to fold. Another surprise) I had to bite the bullet and figure out how to straighten the castings (it didn't work in hot water). Good thing kids love ice cream ... bingo! After that, I reassured, I glued the wings to the upper half of the fuselage.
  7. Now I looked at the top of the fuselage and didn't like the louvers. And the same thing on the other side. I used 0.3mm Evergreen strips.
  8. Hello friends! I continue to tire you with attempts to assemble Hornet) To put in place the side parts of the center section, they had to be sharpened from the inside.
  9. I glued the ducts of the air intakes, blew it out with white and glued it into the fuselage. You will also need to process the seams from the inside. And since I'm impatient, I blew a little white right away to see what the gratings looked like (for developing) I definitely need to work with sandpaper.
  10. After trying to attach the lower bow panel, I was in for such a surprise.)) When I regained consciousness, I called for help from the white plastic of Evergreen. Numerous fittings and trimming ... It turned out something like this. You will also need work with a fine sandpaper. And putty...
  11. While I'm taking a break from the cockpit, I decided to introduce etched grilles and main landing gear bays. A model knife helped me with this. All my fingers are cut now)).
  12. Hello everyone! I continue. The docking of the cockpit with the fuselage halves is not ideal. This is my mistake, it was necessary to start the assembly from the upper over-cockpit part and fit it to the fuselage. Now you have to fight the cracks. The side parts of the photo-etching had to be sharpened to fit together with the side panels of the cockpit. I don't really like how it turned out. in front of the cockpit, I made a cutout in the fuselage, now I can install the dashboard with the cover later, after all the work on the nose of the fuselage. The side panels of the cockpit are still waiting for the color of the buttons.
  13. Hi everyone! This time I painted the nose landing gear and the rear equipment compartment. It turned out to be little visible)
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