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  1. Yes mate. Sorry, should have been more descriptive.
  2. Good morning all, For some time now (6 months, 1 eek and 3 days to be precise ) I've been trying to source a 1:35 International Harvester GS Truck (Vietnam) for a upcoming project. Unfortunately, I have admitted defeat. So my question is - can anybody recommend a "good base kit" to convert? I have sourced some excellent 1:76 drawings, courtesy of Mick Bell. Any suggestions, comments, recommendations etc, are greatly appreciated as always. Thanks in advance. Shaun
  3. I know what you mean mate. Looking forward to more posts of your build.
  4. Nice work Ivan, did you scratchbuild the flak vest on the hatch? Shaun
  5. Triken


    Many thanks for the link mate. Just something about that era.
  6. Triken


    Hi Dennis, Thank you for the welcome. Yes, I understand, gruesome war. I've just crossed over from figure painting, 1:35 1:16, now I'm tackling armour . The Vietnam war, is my main interest, not sure why, but ever since I was a child, my current build is an M48A3 Marines, just detailing the drivers compartment, guess work really, I've only got 1 photo . Anyway, good to meet you. Stay safe Shaun Any tips, tricks etc, most welcome.
  7. Triken


    Hi all, Many thanks for the add, I look forward to annoying you all with endless questions . My main area of interest is the Vietnam war, so any likeminded people, please each out. Thanks again Shaun
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