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  1. I got some primer and semi gloss black down today, pleased with the result so far. Taking my time, priming, sanding, priming... colour. I'm debating whether to keep the wheels semi gloss black... or go with one of two golds I picked out. I am planning to paint the fairings corse / superleggera red.
  2. Thank you Colin, I'm looking for a spray booth currently so I can start priming parts and make some headway. Will post updates ASAP.
  3. Shapeways are excellent and very good customer service, I decided to use them after seeing your droid print This was my 3rd time sending to print, the previous 2 x were using a London based printers... mixed results, bits broken and no after sales care.
  4. Evening all, I'm new here & this is my first post, so thought I'd share something I've been working on for a little while now. 2 x sets of Marchesini forged wheels for the Tamiya Ducati 916 kit, designed to be fitted with slick tyres from the Kawasaki H2R kit. I will give them a sand and prime soon. Any colour suggestions are welcome also . Elliot
  5. They look really nice, a lot more detailed than mine. I wasn't sure how detailed to go with the fine detail plastic... I also tweaked a few of the dimensions from my original design to be able fit some slick tyres I took off of a H2R. Hoping once sanded, primed, painted, decals applied etc, they won't look so chunky. Wheel colour is up in the air too. Els
  6. Thank you G, this is my first attempt in about 20 years tackling a Tamiya model kit and to try all these new techniques. They really do make a difference to the overall look. I will post some pics up as and when... I've got some Marchesini 916 and Marchesini M9RS forged magnesium wheels I drew up being 3d printed by Shapeways as I type. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Els
  7. Loving this build, I've had my eye on it for a while and hoping mine will look half as good when complete. I have the kit and do the odd bit here and there when I can, very slow progress. The exhaust springs are a great detail, no idea how that is done, and are the forks from a detail up set? I've seen one 916 build using the Ducati Desmo forks. I want to try and remove the fairing screws too, I've seen magnets used on a few builds. Els
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