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  1. It's absolutely a server issue. As such, it doesn't matter which web browser you use. Chris
  2. Charming! Now I'm on the lookout for 1:87 Ack-Ack guns!
  3. Thanks for the comment on the locos. There is a lot of overlap. I'm getting back into the model aircraft hobby to learn/hone some of the modelling skills that are fairly standard here, but not overly common in the model rail realm. Part of that is the time required. I'll have upwards of 100 freight and passenger cars and more than a dozen locomotives. Add in buildings and other structures and scenery, and it's hard to spend the time finishing every model to the level I hope to bring to my aircraft. I am, however, approaching a point in life where I can slow down on work and make mor
  4. No, that would be Jason Schron, owner of Rapido Trains. I have some of his products, but sadly, no stake in his company. Chris
  5. Thank the lord it's Linux (or some *ix variant). I was afraid it might be Windoze. Feel free to PM me if you need a hand untangling the techno-speak. Chris
  6. I agree, it's very unlikely that the hardware server(s) is the problem. The 'web server' is an application, or potentially several applications that run on the hardware server. I assume that BM.com is one of any number of domains hosted on a single physical server, as virtual web servers. Depending on the web server software, the virtual web servers can be restricted to a specific number of concurrent connections, or processes, or have limits on how much memory or I/O (disk, network, connections to another server...) they can use. It's also possible that it's working perfectly in accordanc
  7. There's no excuse for finger pointing by your vendor(s). All the 5xx errors are thrown by a server, specifically the web server that is processing the http request. In this case, and without knowing anything about the architecture, I'll go out on a short limb and state that it is a relatively simple matter to search the error log(s) to begin root cause analysis. It is almost certainly an indication that the server is overloaded. Again, without knowing the architecture, it sounds as if the virtual web server for BM.com is under-resourced. User bandwidth is a red herring. There
  8. Hi Pete, My railroad is in HO scale, 1:87, so the aircraft would be quite a bit oversized. The layout will feature both steam and diesel. It is an around the room plan with a central peninsula for staging. I'm just working on the outer portion for now, so this limits the number of actual trains that go on the layout. Here goes my first attempt at loading photos to BM: The three locomotives I use for test trains, to ensure the trackwork is bug-free. #89 Pulling a test train through the first area with scenery. Testing if the vacuum got all the lumps.
  9. Thanks Nigel and Nick, I'm definitely enjoying the stash experience, as well as the researching and 'armchair modelling.' Chris
  10. My primary modelling hobby is railways, specifically, Canadian National Railways in southwestern Ontario, Canada, in 1956. To this end, I am slowly and steadily building a layout in the basement of our home. After a couple of weeks of effort into finishing a relatively small scene, I was looking for a change of pace. Nothing big, mind you, just something to cleanse my modelling palate, so to speak. "I know," says I, "I'll build a model airplane (aeroplane ). It sounded like a quick and simple-ish thing. A nice 1:72, WWII fighter flown by a Canadian squadron. Wher
  11. I'll be doing an Academy Tiffy in OD/DG/MSG with Canadian markings using the Aviaeology decals and bombs left over from an Eduard Spit, since our boys didn't fly with missiles. It's second in queue right now. I haven't built anything in a long time, so I picked up an Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant on sale as a practice kit. I'll get on it as soon as Mrs. Me says we're finished renovating Chris
  12. I have an old Badger 200 as well. The only time I've ever had it, or any airbrush, pulse is if the tip isn't as tight as it should be. Is it possible when you stripped and reassembled it, you put the tip in tighter? They're a simple and reliable tool. Not much to them to go wrong. Chris
  13. I'd never heard of Arma until I saw your post. I've been out of the hobby for decades, though. Long story short; my Arma Hurricane arrived in Friday's post. Thanks for sharing! Chris
  14. Well done. I have this kit queued up for my next aircraft build. I hope my results come close to yours! Chris
  15. Aviaeology has an information packet and decals for 'Tiffies' assigned to Canadian squadrons. There are three three-bladed, small tailplane examples documented: JR249 / F3-P, JR500 / 5V-X and MN957 / F3-N. Of these, JR500 is shown with AEAF stripes on the lower wing and lower fuselage. I'll be doing one of these three in 1:72 starting with the Academy kit. Chris
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