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  1. alvin5182


    Guessing the a/c at the end of the line is a Fairchild monoplane of some sort.
  2. There is an old IPMS Canada Random Thoughts article that contains an interview with Atkinson on his experiences and a drawing of 119 based on his observations at the time. I did a 72nd scale model of it based on the drawings. Unfortunately, the model is long gone and photo bucket now has a photo of the model locked down. What a rip! Alvin5182
  3. Using Humbrol 60 over an "extra decal" stripe of red. Alvin5182
  4. Seahawk: Don't know if these are available where you are but, I like Vallejo (acrylic) 034 "Burnt Cad.Redy", what ever the heck that means. Another # on the bottle is "70814". Brushes nicely! Alvin5182
  5. Thanks for the info gents! I'll go with the red. The photo is dated Sept '45. Red makes sense under the circumstances. Alvin5182
  6. Gents: Any thoughts/evidence with regard to wing gun muzzle coverings. Have seen continuous strips covering all three muzzles on either side as well some individual muzzle coverings. Any ideas on colours/types used on GSB finished machines. I am modelling KD572 and have the photo of it going in to the crash barriers on HMS Colussus. Unfortunately the photo is inconclusive. Alvin5182
  7. Minus wear and tear I'm thinking! Alvin5182
  8. Gents: Presently building a Tamiya Corsair IV in FAA colours (72nd scale) and can't seem to find any material or pictures regarding the colour(s) of the tail hook. Any thoughts or references? Being finished in GSB scheme. Alvin5182
  9. Alan: With regard the the Canadian roundels, they were originally in the dull colours (same roundel as FAA a/c) when delivered. Upon repaint and the addition of the RCN roundel (with the maple leaf centre) they were changed to the brighter colors. Thusly it would depend on which particular a/c you were interested in, and, which paint finish/period you wished to model. Alvin5182
  10. Paul: Summer time is about '0' modelling time for me! Now as the days begin to cool, I hope to be back at the workbench before too long. Still haven't "cracked" my LE "Eastern Canadian" decals as yet. Al
  11. Paul: Another beauty for the collection! Still waiting for my Airfix copies. I did a Tamiya 403 "bird" earlier this year and the Airfix kit certainly appears to stack up well! If your looking to add the "peculiar" spindly Canadian rocket rails of the era, you can use the rails off the Heller/Revell Harvards. They look the part! Al
  12. Very nice Paul! (in the middle of a crazy, busy summer) Al
  13. Hacker: It's like trying to track down RCAF pilots on SEAC Spitfire VIII's. Woefully inadequate (for our needs) documentation, but worse! Alvin5182
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