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  1. Greyouts are common at 4-5G sustained. They accompany loss of peripheral vision as well in most cases. The U.S. used the G3A, which I do have a pair in my stored items. I will try and pull it out in anyone is curious and would like pictures. They are relatively simple in design and simply keep blood from pooling in the calves and legs.
  2. I did indeed join Flickr. I'm an airline pilot. I am not technology challenged. I just find it adds extra work that no other site I utilize requires. I appreciate the response. I did post my Sherman VC in the Inspection portion of the forum.
  3. Appreciated. The RCTANKWARFARE supports direct uploads. This is the first site I've used in years that required hosting. It simply makes it more difficult when covering a blow by blow build.
  4. Mig and others jumped onto the Scale 75 Concept of color sets for specific uniforms and periods. I personally like the Scale 75 colors and consistencies better than Ammo. The worst I have used is that of Andrea. They are about the consistency of house paint. Scale 75 metallics are the best I have found yet for acrylics. They brush well. I use Alclad for anything I'm airbrushing.
  5. You'll have to forgive my ignorance with regard to Flickr. I will sit down when I start vacation and get the functions sorted out at that juncture. Feel free to fire at will. I don't get butthurt. Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/192204849@N06/
  6. I had planned to post a build. It appears there is no direct way to attach them. Help or a link to instruction would be appreciated. I do not use Facebook or Instagram.
  7. There is no direct way to post to the forum? I don't like using hosting sites.
  8. Just don't have him stand on an aluminum ladder when he does it... The 777 ER tends to be able to ingest large objects with ease. I'm not a fan on the RR Trent, but I am aware of the cost to replace one.
  9. I actually picked up about a half ounce of paint. As you probably suspected Mica is not a single stage paint.
  10. One of the worst practical jokes I saw was that some AF safeties had cut holes in the bottom of air sickness bags. The weather was rough that night and the low level flight kept from flying above the weather. A few got sick and vomited. It wound up on the deck and other troopers as we were packed in. Those vomiting and the stench started a chain reaction. I was number one jumper in my chalk. I longed for the green light that night. To my knowledge the culprits never confessed. The AF safeties used walk on our rucks on the C130s. Often they would smash your junk in the process. It was
  11. Job well done! As for the Sherman: I am well versed in hull variants. The composite hull is easily identified with the sharp lines aft of welds at the transition to the slab-welded hull sides. How or why it existed is the real question. Tragically, I am less the photographic evidence at this juncture. A hard lesson learned. My intention wasn't to start a feud over what you read over the internet or the opinion of someone writing books. As a former military officer, I can assure you what should be and what was regulation wasn't in combat. No unit markings were viewable in th
  12. Yes, FNG is what I intended. Working from my cell in the lounge isn't always wise without proof-reading. I spent most of my time in the southern portion of the U.S. Ft Benning, Bragg, Kobbe, Sherman and Rucker. Captain D's is a fast food restaurant that specializes in fried seafood in the south. The counterpart is Long John Silver's. I avoid both like the plague. Admittedly C rations were still in use when I entered service. However, for a short time. My first MRE was Dehydrated Pork Patties. There was no Tabasco sauce in the early issue. As for having fun with the FNG's: I would sen
  13. Actually there were M4A1 cast hull variants. The Canadians used them as well. I have only seen one Brit. I built my Tamiya 1/16 RC conversion based off the M4A1 photographed in Holland. No. I found a static display M4A1 Cast hull Candian Grizzly. The M4A1 variant was taken on 18 Sept 44 by my Grandfather who was with the 504 PIR during the Market-Garden operation. I loaned the original to Squadron for a publication use. They require the original photograph to be submitted. It was lost by them being I actually took it to Squadron in Carrollton. TX. and put it in their hand. It
  14. Actually there were M4A1 cast hull variants. The Canadians used them as well. I have only seen one Brit. I built my Tamiya 1/16 RC conversion based off the M4A1 photographed in Holland.
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