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  1. Since last week new Trumpeter 1/48 Mi-24 is available, yet there are no reviews anywhere to find, no forum discussions re. that new Mi-24 kit. Strange dead silence ...
  2. According to some sources that photo shows Ar-196 on Tirpitz and not Bismarck, so that needs to be checked-out first, as it seems there were some differences in hangar construction between two ships.
  3. Immaculate PE job indeed, pleasure to follow! Guy, if you will need more ref. pics just let me know.
  4. I am surprised that you got any reply at all, considering circumstances.
  5. If KH went down any modelling company could went down next any moment, mark my word. Noone is too big to fail in modelling branch.
  6. A lot of guesswork on your side without a single fact pointed out, so what is a purpose of your post? You have zero insight into any aspect of KH business model and profitability of any of their products, have no clue what exactly is behind their decision to close, but somehow you have a lot to say about that matter.
  7. Any sane, smart adult person among modelers fraternity should feel sorrow for demise of Kitty Hawk and Panda or any other plastic models manufacturer because that has negative impact to this hobby in general.
  8. Good to know, thanks for info. But still, Kinetic should have put much more effort in their Pucara decals, those look miserable. And what to say about a lack of weapons? Pucara price in EU will be close to 50 €, is it too much to ask for decent decals and some weapons at that price? That reminds me about "Hasegawa way" ... you need weapons fore Hasegawa expensive kits? Sure, fork out another 20€+ for Hasegawa weapons sets. The same goes to recent Kitty Hawk 1/48 Sukhoi kits like Su-30SM, it's 80€+ kit with no weapons included, isn't it cute?
  9. And decals options are very limited as well, to put it mildly. Just look that DUKEL HOBBIES Pucara decal sheet, they put much more effort in those decals then Kinetic. I already asked DUKEL HOBBIES if their Pucara decals will be available as separate item ... still waiting for their reply.
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