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  1. Very nice indeed Nils.
  2. Love it Nils. Love anything to do with Fw190s and especially JG3 / JG300 pics
  3. If Pastor John (AIMS) says it's 5K+ET then that is exactly what it is. John is meticulous in his research
  4. Excellent news. Going to be a few large scale builders (myself included) pleased with this conversion when you release it
  5. Any more news on the new G6/AS conversion?
  6. Lovely build. Love the look of the seatbelts through the cockpit glass.
  7. Thanks for this review. I am looking at getting one of these and this was perfect.
  8. Can't wait to see (and buy) the G6/AS conversion set. I have a few builds awaiting this new AM from you
  9. If you don't like the kit then don't buy it. Simples! Also if you are such a perfectionist then go build your own moulds and mass produce a kit for the world markets. I am not defending Airfix or any other company for that matter. But i can honestly say that if this kit had been released by Tamigawapeter then it would have cost at least three times as much.
  10. I too am going to be embarking on a GR1 from 14 Sqn when they were based in Germany at RAF Bruggen. Loving this build so far
  11. Bit later in replying to this but loved seeing this being built. I'll eventually dip into the SF scene and built a load of Tie Fighters and X-wings.
  12. You and a couple of thousand other modellers, myself included lol
  13. Cheers Tony. I did my trade training as a rigger on these at RAF Halton. Love them. I'm detemined to build a model of one some day
  14. Just about finished the build phase of this model. Going to try out the Klear/Mattcote thingy and then some Promodeler wash solution. Never done either of them before so this is a total experimental model for me. This is it so far....
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