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  1. Thanks @dnl42 ! I'll be on the lookout for these beauties !
  2. Hi all, Long time lurker, it was about time I subscribed to this lovely forum, which seems full of activity, kindness, and solid advice. About me, I'm from France, and I work on the ramp for a ground services provider in a mid-sized airport. Therefore, my interest is mostly focused on 1/144 airliners, but as I love all things aviation, I might be building other types of aircraft in the future. My second passion is anything regarding fire-fighting, so there might be some fire apparatus models down the road someday as well... As many others, the ongoing pandemic brought me back to my (disastrous so far) modelling career: I've never finished a kit in 25 years of existence, but I'm determined to change that. Side note: my brother also builds kits when he finds the time to do so. He's more on the fighter jets side of things and he's much more talented than I am. Therefore, if that's ok, I might also use the account on his behalf, should he need advice from you guys (and girls). Until we meet again on the forums, stay safe out there, and happy modelling !
  3. Hi, Very interesting project, love ANZ's old colors on the 767. Good news is, from an engine standpoint, Zvezda's 767-300 is actually perfect to model one of ANZ's 762s ! Indeed, Zvezda chose to model their B763 with CF6-80As, an older version that was very rarely seen on the -300s, but plenty of B762s carried it. Therefore, you'll just have to add the strakes on the inboard side of each engine, and you'll be ready to go, OOB, appart from the obvious fuselage shortening. ANZ operated 5 B762 with these engines: ZK-NBA/B/C/I/J, so the choice is yours ! Should you want to model another engine option, they also operated 3 JT9Ds powered 762s: ZK-NBD/F/H. Lastly, one oddball was ZK-NBE, with the longer CF6-80C2.
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