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  1. Hi chaps and chapesses. As the title says I'm after a missile casting. It's a Hound Dog in 72nd and I need a couple casting. I have managed to borrow an assembled one but it's only on loan and I need to return it intact afterwards to its owner. Can anyone here advise me if they could do it and what sort of price would I be looking at for 2 missiles please many thanks steve
  2. Hi guys. I'm looking for a good drawing of a Blur Steel to help with my Vulcan build as I'm not convinced about the shape of the kit offering...especially as the new Victor one looks to be a lot different many thanks steve
  3. kspriss

    Lancaster flaps

    Hi chaps, would anyone happen to know what colour the inner faces of the flaps on a wartime land would have been? I'm thinking silver/aluminium or would they be internal green? thanks Steve
  4. Dont forget XM264 over at Peter Junior's Flugausstellung Aircraft Museum, Hermeskeil, Germany .shes a B8 and complete apart from her engines Steve
  5. my mistake, was reading the wrong pilots notes, lol...yeah the B6 is the same length as the b2, but does have triple breech starters on her RA7s instead of the single breech ones of the B2..also the B6 has wet wings steve
  6. Canberra B Mk.5 Prototype of second-generation Canberra with wet wings and Avon R.A.7 engines with 7,490 lbf (33.32 kN) of thrust, one built. Canberra B Mk.6 Production version based on B5 with a 1 ft (0.3 m) fuselage stretch, 106 built by English Electric (57) and Short Brothers & Harland (49), includes 12 for export. Canberra B6(RC) RC = Radio Countermeasures (also known as B6(Mod) or PR16) – Specialist ELINT version with enlarged nose and Blue Shadow Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR). Only four produced, extended nose. Canberra B(I) Mk.6 Interdictor version for the RAF pending deliv
  7. Thanks for taking time to reply guys. I'll proceed with the wing halves to fuselage halls first then attach the entire bottom to top plan. Steve
  8. Hi guys, 2 quick questions. Having pulled the Airfix Vulcan from the stash I have heard rumours that the wing halves should be attached to the relavent fuselage halves then the whole shooting match glued together and not assemble the fuselage first THEN attach the wings as this avoids the large gaps. Secondly has anyone got a drawing (hopefully with dimensions) for scratch building the bomb bay internals please Cheers chaps Steve
  9. hehe..if only the airbrakes were the only issue eh? still the B2 is back out in 48th in june/july steve
  10. yes, the PR9 is also short of one airbrake finger...2 groups, one of 5 and one of 3 Steve
  11. hi chaps. Im building a master craft army lynx and i was wondering if it is correct for an AH7 to have all 3 of the following on the same aircraft. 1) Paddle ended (BERP?) main rotor blades 2) Those odd boxy exhaust shrouds 3) Royal Marines markings many thanks guys...im certainly no expert on the lynx Steve
  12. not the B2 ...oh dear, this could get expensive on the wallet and available space steve
  13. Right got the AB205 which is the correct version, and a copy of the movie, my next question, are aftermarket door gunners with M-60s available. Kilgore's ship seems to be slick configured with door pocket gunners and surfboards which I shall scratchbuild Steve
  14. Just checked LHS (antics) have the Italeri 1/48 AB205 Carabinieri Helicopter which is a -D so I'll pick one of those up and use weapons and markings from my Huey Hog kit..can even swap the rescue hoist over to make an early USAF rescue ship from the Huey hog
  15. Hm...think you are right, they have the door gunner pockets but the small window plated over...bother, lol Thanks Steve
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