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  1. Thanks for the tip - I switched to HobbyPhotoHost and managed to embed them but will try that with Imgur. Next time I will use a proper camera for the photos instead of my phone as the quality isn't great.
  2. Hi Jeroen - thank you! Yes I've been trying to get them embedded but haven't had success yet, hopefully I'll get it figured out soon.
  3. My first RFI post here after enjoying the work of others since last winter.. This is the Nunu Porsche 935 K3 along with the resin fender kit from Classic Racing Resins for chassis number 13, and the Indycal decals for the Coke sponsored Bob Akin team as driven at the 1981 Le Mans race. The car did not finish the race, but I've always liked the Coke livery so decided to build it to go along with my other mostly OOB Porsche race cars. The Nunu kit is a rebox of the Beemax kit, and it went together very well - on a par with pretty much anything car kits I've built from Tamiya, Fujimi, etc.. I also used the Nunu PE kit. Only fit issues I had were the PE protective mesh for the front mounted oil cooler which I couldn't get to look quite right, and strangely the steering rack was slightly too long giving the front wheels too much toe-in so I left it out rather than try and correct it. Paint is Tamiya rattlecan pure red (TS-86), polished with Novus, and then clear coated with Johnsons Pledge floor polish over the decals. I'm pretty pleased with the results but am always open to constructive feedback, and I proactively acknowledge that my photography needs some improvement for the next RFI.
  4. Very nicely done, I've done the same kit in guards red with BBS RS rims (taken from a Fujimi Koenig 930 kit) but would love to do another with the Ruf wheels. Any chance you could produce a set I could purchase? Richard
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