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  1. Hi, thanks. I'll take another look. They seem to be on the BM posting ok. I may try again.. Cheers
  2. Hi Manuel, pics are certainly there somewhere... Anyone help..?
  3. Hi all, following the positive feedback I received from my first 1/76 Matador, I thought I would present No2.. This one is inspired by a pic I saw of one in Libya, (I'm sure everyone's probably seen it, though my decals are wrong compared to the unit that served there). I had to do some butchering to the kit, hacked off the cab, shaved down the wheel arches, (In reality if the kit was scaled back up, they would have been about 3" thick..), but glad I had a set of after market full sized wheels. Made all the difference. I had to make up the cable reels at the back and scratched out the pla
  4. An excellent job done there. Yet another standard I've got to try and aspire to.
  5. This kit is one of the first ones I tried coming back to the glooo lately. But looking at the standard youve created here, think I might have to get a grip and try again. Excellent.!!
  6. Thanks, another one to do now so see if I have learnt anything.
  7. Thanks, but a good one to play around with as they are cheap as a pot of paint and lots of info out there to pull from. Cheers for the feedback.
  8. Thanks here.. I know it's only a tiny kit compared to all the others, but it's been enjoyable seeing how far you can go with it. Two more to do, so gonna try a couple of versions for fun. Still lots to learn though.
  9. I'm in the same boat here, just got back into it and look learning all the new paint tricks around. Think I'll have a go at this one and hope it looks half as good..!!
  10. Hi All, Please see attached my 'kinda' finished 1:76 Matador. Never presented a model for critique before so looking forward to hearing back. I haven't touched kits for over 20 years and like a lot of folks here, got back to it after being locked in. This is the first Matador I've done, I managed to pick up two more at a bargain price, so looking to having another couple of goes at it. (Probably have a convoy soon.). My weathering I know, needs some work, (the days when everything was painted green and stuck on the shelf I see have gone.) So bear with me on that, lots to learn yet.
  11. Just caught this thread, I know it's a bit late but just picked up a kit for £3, so going to give this one a go as a change. Looks like a good one for just spending time with.
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