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  1. Thanks M, spent two day looking for these, almost gave up. Joe
  2. Hi Guys Trying to find decals for PORSCHE 911 GT1 n° 32 ROOCK RACING LE MANS 1997 in 1/24. Any help in finding a set would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Carbon templates in the post, will scan and send, when they arrive.
  4. Hi Stu I agree cellulose paints do have a acquired pong, tell you the truth I quit like it an acquired taste a bit like the smell of two stroke, not sure if the wife agrees. I built a makeshift spray booth, which consists of a large cardboard box and a second hand kitchen extractor fan, just ordered a “3M” spray mask from China for a tenner, can’t wait to see what turns up . I will look in the box for carbon templates for the 4/4, if not there I will purchase some in for a penny in for a pound. Joe
  5. Hi great looking Porsche, I am in the middle of the same build, using the same Zero paint as the Tamiya white is a pain in the bum. I also have the MP 4/4 up next with the Top Studio detail kit, looking forward building it. if any one wants a copy of the carbon templates for the Porsche, please let me know.
  6. Thanks Pouln Nearly finished with the carbon, the small parts were a pain as well as the side vents. Was thinking the next time, I might consider printing my own Hydro graphics film.
  7. First go at cutting out and applying carbon fiber decals, a bit fiddly keep dropping the small bits, the question is how to cover the back of the wing, without showing the edge of the upper decal? The rear splitter is going to be a bugger loads of right angles and edges. I now realize I should have put down a base coat of gunmetal or semi gloss black.
  8. Third time lucky, thanks to Spiny. After a crushing end to my previous build a Mercedes 300SL, body accidently got stepped on new one on order. I thought I would give the Aventador ago, the plan is to paint in Giallo Orion Flash 0056 (Pearl) and carbon fiber. Primed and ready for paint. Top coat before pearl. Pearl coat and 2k cleared
  9. Started clean up of parts and pre assembly yesterday, hopefully get some primer on today.
  10. Went on a bit of a binge, Tamiya McLaren MP 4/4 waiting on some more parts for it. Aoshima Lamborghini Aventadore, started yesterday. Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Tamiya Mercedes 300SL, mostly completed, waiting for a new body from Japan, long story nearly turned into a convertible.
  11. Hi The last time I made a model I was 12, glue everywhere, and paint that left a lot to the imagination. The wife realised I was missing working on cars due to the lockdown, and bought me two Tamiya models for Christmas as a surprise. What she failed to release was how much time and resources was necessary for me to complete anything, it turns out the older I get the more my selected OCD ramps up, while the remaining members of the house do not agree with the late Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore quote, “I love the smell of thinners in the morning" Since Christmas I have built the Tamiya renault alpine a110 1/24 and am currently working on a Mercedes 300SL with a Hobby Design detail kit, and have the Mclaren MP4/4 waiting in the background. So I have landed at your door looking for help, inspiration and a good bit of knowledge. Cheers.
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