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  1. Hi all I’m in the middle of building a Tamiya Tyrell P4. The six rubber tyres have a great big seam down the middle. Any tips on how to get rid please so that the tyres are smooth? Thanks all!
  2. Hey all a couple of questions that I ask for assistance with pretty please: 1. I usually give my models a clear coat (Tamiya TS13 or TS81) after I’ve put the decals on. Occasionally I find that the clear coat eats some of the decals but not all of them. Is this normal? Any tricks and tips around this? 2. On my last model the Humbrol DecalFix liquid eats my paint. It’s fine on TS spray colours but it seems to destroy any Tamiya XF colour. Any ideas? cheers. Alan.
  3. Jonesy66

    Spray paint

    Hi all this may be a stupid question, but are there generic spray paints out there one can buy that aren’t specific to models? I’ve not progressed to getting an airbrush and compressor (yet!) so I’ve been using Tamiya TS spray cans. But 100ml for about £6 each isnt cheap. I was looking at the spray cans from Homebase: 400ml for £11. any suggestions before I ruin the next model I build with the wrong paint? thanks (AGAIN) alan.
  4. I just built the Tamiya Senna and it kicked my behind haha. Really enjoyed making it and it was rather difficult so I bought the 570S because I wanted something a little easier than the Senna.
  5. I’m a Tamiya man through and through but the other day I bought a Revell kit as I wanted to make this particular car (McLaren 570s). Parts don’t fit, parts are poorly made with extra bits hanging off them like they weren’t moulded well, and the instructions are awful. Anyone else have experience with Revell kits? Is mine a one off or are they generally awful?
  6. Aww mate I was looking at the millennium falcon. Not sure I could justify to myself (and more importantly my wife!) the nearly £300 price tag! thanks for the advice.
  7. Hey all has anyone had any experience with Bandai kits? Doing a little research they seem to be snap together kits rather than adhesive? I’m thinking about a Star Wars X-wing or Tie fighter kit but I’ve never heard of Bandai. thanks all. alan
  8. And yet here we are going back to vinyl!
  9. So I guess Windex is out of the question?
  10. Haha showing your age. Tape Head Cleaning fluid?
  11. Isopropyl Alcohol. Figured it out. Alas I don’t have any in the house. Is there anything else more household I could use? Thanks Mike.
  12. Ok stupid question....what’s IPA?
  13. Hey all just about to finish my Tamiya McLaren Senna. By far the most difficult model I’ve built! anyway!, the windscreen and windows are covered in a bit of dust and my greasy fingerprints. what’s the best way to clean the clear parts? They are already glued in place onto an already painted body. I’d like to clean/polish the clear before I attach chassis to the body. Obviously I can’t dip the clear parts into floor cleaner. I was going to use windex but I believe that might attack the surrounding paint? thanks alan
  14. Hey all in my haste (and showing my complete amateur-ness), I sprayed way too much paint on some body parts resulting in blobs and runs. I clearly need to start again lol. anyway, aside from sanding the blob/runs/entire piece, is there an easier way to remove ALL the paint so I get back to the bare plastic? I’ve seen videos that soaking the pieces in dettol works well. thanks all
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