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  1. Hmm I have a few options for this GB now..I’m putting together the pieces of a New York Airways Boeing Vertol project at the moment that would fit the brief nicely, but could also build a Revell 2CV I have in the stash and also a Tamiya Bell X-1 “Mach Buster” that is waiting to be built.
  2. I'm no expert and Giorgio's post above seems the best answer..but I would just add that my rationale would be "which are the coolest aircraft" .........answer.....the F9F Panther and the F3D Skyknight are the coolest ! Although the Skyknight is hard to get in 1:48 there have been a couple of limited run Kits made, so they are "out there". Both Czech Models and Collect-Aire have done them I beleive. P.S. Don't google "Czech Models" while your significant other is around..you generally get 150 pages of a scantily clad Eva Herzigova or Petra Nemcova before you get anythin
  3. absolutely fantastic, what a wonderful project and beautifully done. I can smell those Hot Dogs !
  4. Nice build of a great looking aircraft, I’m a newbie too, so no advice from me other than, keep reading this forum..it’s such a great source of knowledge and encouragement!
  5. Lovely build, some of the early helicopters can look a bit ungainly, but the Sycamore is a very elegant aircraft with a wonderful name.
  6. Great looking family ! There’s a lot of canopy involved in those models, the original aircraft designer must have loved greenhouses...I wonder if the pilots grew tomatoes !
  7. I love the little penguin on the DC3, I hope that doesn’t denote a “kill” great builds of very interesting subjects
  8. I very much doubt that...There’s a reason none of the photos are proper close-ups !
  9. Reini, that's hugely helpful..a mini masterclass ! I don't have an airbrush. so I will have to recreate your effect with a brush and a rattlecan (I've picked up a tin of Testors Model master Dark Sea Blue, so we'll see how that comes out) The weathering stencil is an interesting idea, I'll look into it and I've been recommended the Flory washes before so will I'll get some of the grey. I guess the secret is to avoid overdoing it, as from all accounts the Sea Blue Gloss was tough as old boots and the carrier based aircraft in particular were very well looked after, so often looked surprisingly
  10. Lovely build. I’m just starting a Hasegawa Panther and have been looking for some weathering inspiration..any more detail on how you went about the weathering ?
  11. Great project ! Sounds like a fun way to build yourself into becoming a Hurricane expert !
  12. Great to hear that I’ve passed on my enthusiasm for this aircraft. It is a stunning scheme.
  13. Well this is the very first aircraft model I've ever built and only the second model of any kind. It's been a steep learning curve for me, but I've enjoyed every minute (nearly) and I can't wait to start my next project. I chose the model because I love the look of Starfighters and I have a keen interest in the History of NASA....Oh and this is a very cool colour scheme !!
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