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  1. Good Evening folks , hope you are having a splendid Friday evening. I have recently picked up the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Cornwall and I'm interested in doing it up to represent HMS Cumberland (home for me) in the period around the Battle of the River Plate. So just a few things , namely : Schemes Equipment Any actual differences between HMS Cornwall and Cumberland that I can ammend with scratch build or aftermarket 1) I think this one would be appropriate.. Found on my own internet searchings over dinner this evening... full credi
  2. Evening all , hope you are looking forward to the weekend I have a Revell Hunter on the bench currently approaching the painting stage and I need to make a decision regarding the underbelly colour.... (RAF Scheme of course) Revell asks for Aluminium on the underside but the box art and some pictures would suggest otherwise. After some of my own reading I cant decide as I get a real mixed bag of answers. So i'll put it to my fellow Britmodellers ; what are peoples approach to doing the underbelly? I'd be interested to hear what you a
  3. Work continues.... Halves together , nosecone filled with lead shot and glued into place. As well as the ADEN cannons , front gear bay and nose gear leg. (I wish I could add this later but the Revell engineers did not bless me as such! ) Filler definatley going to be required here too. Guts came next , primed black and painted up with AK Titanium. An interesting approach but got it sorted nonetheless. Moving onto wings next!
  4. Glad to hear there are a few of us! Thank you for the welcome. Just one quick thing - how do I get a signiture like yours? Cant seem to find the area to make one.
  5. Cheers , I'll have to give that a go before I seal her up this evening. Glad to see another Cumbrian!
  6. Thank you very much Chris - going okay so far but ill be sure to point out any niggles I encounter. Thank you John , I do like the 50s/60s pits - I have a buccaneer lined up in the fear future too. I'll be sure to keep you posted! Haha maybe so - you tube sucked me back in!
  7. Hi All, First post on the forums ever as I have just come back to the hobby from a hiatus. Just finished the office and I am looking to getting the front halves together this evening... - anybody else built this kit recently? Sprayed with Vallejo black primer , drybrushed with X-11 and then a few buttons red / yellow for some interest. Any other tips for cockpits? They have always been my cryptonite. Pics below Stay safe and Happy Landings - Matthew
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