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  1. Well, disastrous paint job on the face...really struggling with the bigger scale here! Ended up scraping the paint away to try again, but need to go onto something else for a bit
  2. Don't stress it Phil mate, looks awesome!
  3. I say "right side" in a geographical sense As far as the Wars of the Roses colour schemes go, Osprey is your friend.
  4. Hello from the right side of the Pennines! My ex-wife was from your side, but I won't hold that against you
  5. Hello from down-a-bit-on-the-map!
  6. That said, I have tracked one down at a reasonable price, God help me!!
  7. Interested in a Scorpion, if I can find one second hand (I've heard horror stories about the tracks though)...anything British from the 70s and 80s really. Did they (or anyone) ever do a Humber Pig??
  8. Oh, as soon as I track down the right drill bit buddy, it's in the plan!! (I ordered some 0.1mm, but they're far too tiny...and fragile...)
  9. MADE AND SPRAYED!! 20210127_183948 by MisterE, on Flickr 20210127_183938 by MisterE, on Flickr Primed the way I do my Warhammer minis, with a rattlecan spray of Chaos Black all over, then a 45 degree spray of Grey Seer from all sides and then a final, very light, top-down spray of Corax White to give a zenithal shade which gives me a guide for painting light and shade. I rather like this little chap!
  10. You, sir, are a very valuable resource. I'm going to stop bothering you now, as we're on the verge of you coming round to my house and building the bloody thing for me!
  11. Outstanding! I was making the mistake of Googling for just the case and getting lots of hits for the Merkin Civil War. So...flintlocks as opposed to matchlocks then?
  12. Some absolutely priceless information here gents, thank you so much! I was not looking forward to modelling that bandolier, so if I can avoid it and be historically accurate, that's a win-win for me!! Struggling to find images of a period cartridge case online, but I'm not at the point of building yet, and I'm guessing they weren't of a uniform design, so I can get away with scratchbuilding something which looks to be in the ballpark.
  13. So...just a belt pouch or over-the-shoulder haversack then?
  14. There's a Father Ted reference in here somewhere...
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