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  1. Sorry to be late to the party, but please add me to the guest list! Love what I'm seeing/learning so far!
  2. Great choice, it's a cool scheme! I don't think I've ever built a 1/48 of any kit, but if I ever do I will want it to be a Hurricane!
  3. Lovely work, Dennis! Proud to have contributed a small piece to that gorgeous Hurricane! (but honestly I'm more excited by the Spitfire with those lovely Greek markings!)
  4. Looks like she's ready to race with the lightening bolt on the side!
  5. They sure are... I believe I now have 9 of them (but I counted recently and I think they have done something like 14 different boxings, so by no means do I have all of them!) AZ and Airfix are well-represented too, although with Airfix I did end up with three of the same boxing of their Mk I.
  6. Well in terms of the unexpected turn, I had the ICM decals in mind! A whole crisp brand-new sheet just like that! Looking forward to seeing this one done, although to be honest that port fuselage is already the highlight, I am pretty sure.
  7. I've been insufficiently attentive to this, but catching up now and what a great thread! Adventures, disasters, heroics, unexpected turn-of-events, translations of coded messages, and a great model to boot! You really know how to pick them, Alistair!
  8. I have been away traveling for several weeks (for the first time since COVID!). Really this whole "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project was a way of "traveling" around the world while stuck in my basement, so it was nice to actually be away and doing the real thing again. I even happened to visit some "Phase 2" countries--Portugal, Belgium, and Slovenia and Croatia (both of which, of course, are formerly part of Yugoslavia, which is really having two phase 2 entries [pre-WW2 Kingdom and post-WW2 Republic]!), Still, I missed modeling, so it is also nice to be back home and finally get back to some Hurricanes this weekend! First up was Soviet Union (AZ Mk IId), which needed its cannons attached. These parts have zero in the way of locator guides, so I did my best freehand. I also wanted to drill out the barrels--this is a skill that is very much still a learning opportunity for me! I've had success on some other models (e.g., the Bristol Blenheim's Mercury "trumpet" air intakes), but so far with the Hurricanes every attempt at drilling out the exhausts has ended in frustailure (i.e., both frustration and failure). The 40 mm barrels certainly give you more to work with than the exhausts do, so we'll see if I managed an effect worth the effort once it's all painted (at this point a photograph isn't picking it up!). With cannons affixed, I continued on with underside camo (medium sea grey/Tamiya XF19) on Soviet Union and Ireland (Arma Mk I). Then it was on to the underside of Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I) with a coat or two of light blue (Tamiya XF23). It's nice to be back at it! Oh, also I added two beautiful new Arma kits to my collection. These will make appearances in phase three (Axis versions) as Germany (Mk I) and Japan (Mk IIb). As this will (should) be the last of the kits I buy, I will take and post an updated group photo of all my boxes soon; perhaps I am the only one who enjoys seeing 20+ unique 1/72 Hawker Hurricane kit boxes in one photo, but I feel it is important to document for posterity!
  9. Primer on top, of course . . . And camo application has begun... This is Ireland (Arma Mk I) with a couple of coats of MSG (Tamiya XF19 sky grey).
  10. Well, not an especially exciting photo, but we have some primer on the undersides! Clockwise from top left: Soviet Union (AZ Mk IId); Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I); Belgium (Airfix Mk I); and Ireland (Arma Mk I).
  11. @BillF67, always nice to see Hurricanes! I've learned lots from @Troy Smith too as I've been completing Hurricanes as well (he is BOTH very knowledgeable and very generous with his knowledge!). I have two Airfix kits on my bench right now. I'm not bothering with masking the canopies, although of course that creates problems too! P.S. Further to comments re: photos, would love to see the underside
  12. This was my first GB entry ever, a Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb built for the Fancy French GB. It's also part of my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project--the first instalment of the second phase, which is to represent Hurricanes in non-UK, Allied markings. I used the Fly Mk IIb kit, which was expensive and has its issues (mostly related to the camo call-outs, decals, etc. (@Troy Smith has much to say in this regard!), but in the end I was quite happy with it and how it came together. I did borrow a spinner from an Arma kit and replaced some of the decals with Print Scale. I kept the WIP separate from the larger project, so it is here: This is the plane I was modeling: And here is my version in b&w: And, now, in colour!
  13. This is exciting, Mark, and excited to see it; but dear god those instructions... bonne chance!
  14. Oh this will be exciting; looking forward to some photos!
  15. Well, it's been awhile since I updated this thread, but I have been chipping away over in this WIP thread as part of the Fancy French GB: And finally have this Mk IIb done .. This was the Fly kit, and honestly in the end was quite happy with it and pleased with how it turned out, with a few exceptions. More photos in the GB gallery, and I may do a more fulsome RFI soon. I haven't had a chance to take a group photo yet, but now I have eight Hurricanes on the shelf! Progress is definitely slower now that we're getting out of COVID and social life is returning (fingers crossed), but not for lack of enthusiasm! Soviet Union, Ireland, Belgium, and Kingdom of Yugoslavia have had some progress, but nothing worth photographing. They are nearly ready for some primer, but may be several weeks until that happens still, because I expect to be away for awhile.
  16. Et voila, a FAFL Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb, built from the 1/72 Fly kit, with a little bit of decal mixing and matching. Painted with mostly Tamiya acrylics, and weathered using burnt umber acrylic, Tamiya panel liner, and a "smoke" oil. I opted to model it with outer guns removed (apparently this was quite common) and the gun ports uncovered. WIP here: Here is the original: And my version: This Hurricane will join my growing collection of "Hawker Hurricanes around the world;" you can see progress on this project here:
  17. I've attached the prop and the landing lights and canopy, and also painted silver lights where required. I think I'll need to touch up around the canopy when the Micro Klear dries, but otherwise I think she's done! Thanks for watching, see you in the RFI!
  18. Legs on, exhaust stains applied, and matt spray now drying . . . I must say, overall, despite the strange camo suggested and bad markings provided, etc., that this kit goes together quite nicely. Definitely does not have the detail of the Arma kits, but just in terms of how pleasant it was to build (what this still new-ish modeler is mostly worried about), it compares favourably.
  19. The tail decal (which is the Fly one) was causing me some issues, but some copious amounts of Microsol and some touch ups with paint and some sanding around the edge have me happy enough with it. I used the Fly decals for the stencils, tail, serial, and fin #1, but the roundels, including the red cross of Lorraine, are from Print Scale. Reapplied Pledge and have begun some weathering--mostly with watered-down burnt umber acrylic, which I find looks good on the desert camo. I'm even no longer noticing the cowl seam issue as I've moved along here... Same burnt umber acrylic on the underside, plus some Tamiya panel liner. Only weather I intend to do beyond this is some exhaust staining, which is fairly significant in the photo. I will use some oil paint for that bit. Meanwhile, prop is all ready to go: And so is the landing gear: We're getting close!
  20. A little touching up here, a little pledge there, and a little decaling here and there, and this is where she is maintenant. Sorry the photos are so poor, mostly being taken late in the evening without natural light.
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