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  1. Love it! Beautiful weathering. May we have an underside pic? No yellow tips on the prop?
  2. I dug out the tubular Spitfire exhaust stacks to fit to the Hurricane . . . I'm going to need to do something to get them to fit a bit better than they do at the moment.
  3. I was intending to use liquid gravity to prevent tail sitting, but then realized these other weights I bought work great. At the moment I've comfortably packed in 14 grams in the front of each boom (28 g total), which strikes me as perhaps too much, but I don't have any idea! Any advice out there as to how much weight a 1/72 needs?
  4. Fuselage is now together and went together mostly well. I cut off the rear wheel because it was a mess and I wanted to have easier access to seams around there. Bulges were removed on the port wing, here it is next to starboard for comparison. Removed them from the starboard, too, after that, but didn't bother photographing. I put the radiator together and installed; it will need a lot of filler, etc. to work in. The air intake was such a disaster that I looked for a spare. I think the piece I found is from a Fly Mk IIb kit, which I used to build a French Mk IIb trop (so used the Vokes filter). It fit nicely.
  5. As predicted, more work on the P-39 occurred... began filling the holes in the wings where the gun pods for the "Q" version mount (also you can see I gave the front wheel well a coat of YZC--I'm doing the wheel wells with YZC and will do the inner doors and UC legs in "Bell" green): Filled with putty and sanded flush, primer will tell if more work is needed, but look alright at this stage: Up top I glued a couple of spare pieces together and popped this "radio box" behind the cockpit--I'll leave it like this, just wanted "something" there under the canopy and not completely blank space. Lastly, I got the stabilizers on. Opted to not drill a hole for the antenna mast, because it seems many of the P-39Ns did not carry them and there is not one in the profile I'm working off of. Getting close to not being able to do too much more until those fuselage MG holes are drilled, but I'm waiting for the brass MGs to arrive so that I have a better sense of what I'm doing before I start sticking a drill in the upper fuselage.
  6. Well done! Not the best Mk IIc kit out there, but you've done her up well! I like the diorama, too. How hard were the drooped flaps? Will we get an underside photo?
  7. This is really not much of an update, but I had the gunmetal out for the P-38 so went ahead and painted the P-39's exhaust stacks. The P-39 is now going to get further work done here in Edmonton, so perhaps more to come soon...
  8. Wow, this is modeling way beyond my skill set, and it is very impressive!
  9. I'm just very convinced there is something below the nose in that photo... I'll dry fit the mount once I have it and see what it looks like. Back at the bench and got some gunmetal enamel on the interiors of the radiators and superchargers. And I now have all four radiators installed. Will need a bit of putty here and there, but mostly fit is good. Then finished up the supercharger painting... I think these will look ok after a matt coat and dark wash.
  10. I'll pull out my Eduard Spit kit and see what I have, but I think it has resin and styrene exhaust stacks, so fairly confident it'll have the right ones. Just not confident they'll fit the Revell Hurricane, so may need to do some surgery. I saw that bare metal "patch," didn't realize what it was. Would it be on both wings, @Troy Smith, or just port? Meanwhile, underway... I've gone ahead and assembled and splashed paint around the cockpit--so little can be seen through the canopy that I'm barely even bothering in this case. Arma gives you something to work with such that cockpit assembly is somewhat fun and feels worth painting properly, but in this case I want to bury the cockpit as soon as possible and forget about it! I made the assumption that by 1950 "everything" would be "interior green" (I grabbed the wrong green actually, but, again, just went with it since through the canopy most of it can't be seen--for the behind the seat doghouse piece which is a bit more visible I'll use Tamiya XF-71 later). Skipped the decal on the IP and just did a silver drybrush. Note the flash on the rear wheel in picture above! This kit is the "flashiest" I've worked with... maybe ever.
  11. Oh, good catch, Troy! more wing surgery... presumably ejector ports covered over as well? fair enough! but for my purposes, I think the Spitfire IX stacks will work for #41 (?) Tamiya X-3 it is! I'll need to find some gold for the spinner, too. Thanks as always, Troy!
  12. As the second instalment of my "Last Legs Ponies" project, here is Tamiya's 1/72 P-51D in the markings of Dominican Republic. As with all of the Caribbean Mustangs, the DR's were on their last legs--but they managed to stay "on their legs" for quite awhile, into the 1980s!! Decals on her are from Airfix, but otherwise OOB. Mission Models paints for the top camo and Tamiya XF-19 underneath. And here she is with another Caribbean pony on her last legs, from Costa Rica: Costa Rica's RFI is here: And the Last Legs Ponies WIP here:
  13. Alright, thanks for helping me think it through.. we'll see once I have the parts how I want to proceed. The radar pod adds interest, but clearly is not there in the photo, so might just add the fairing. Thanks, she's going together quickly! Fuselage is now together and the stabilizers are added. Packed up now because headed out of town for a few days...
  14. Yes, quite pleased with these P-38 props! I've swapped out mine on the Hobby Boss P-39 kit... But these are looking good in black, along with the tanks: Thanks... to be honest, I just ordered the Hobby 2000 (originally Dragon?) 1/72 P-38M kit to raid for some extra pieces, including the radar fairing. Do you think there's any chance this bird actually carried the radar? Or it just a case that the fairing is leftover and they didn't bother removing it? Not perfectly sure how to paint up the superchargers... after the base black, I've applied some bronze, and then intend to finish off with a coat of gunmetal. I think this will give an effect that will work for my purposes... Meanwhile the office is together, nothing fancy here: Front land gear attaches to the bottom of the cockpit piece, then it all pops into the lower fuselage half. You can see here too that I stuck a couple of smaller bits into the main wheel wells as well. Hobby Boss doesn't include anything in terms of a radio box, etc. so I took the fins of a P-51 bomb and stuck it in the rear cockpit. Just something to make it easily look busy under the canopy, obviously not pursuing accuracy with this modification. Almost ready to put the fuselage halves together now.
  15. 15 months ago I had a "civilian interlude" in this project and built G-AFKX as a 24 hour weekend build: Now, to coincide with the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes megaGB I will do another "civilian interlude" and build G-AMAU as the 1950 King's Cup Air Race edition using the Revell Mk IIc kit. WIP thread in the GB:
  16. For a year and a half I've been working on my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project in which I am modeling Hawker Hurricanes in the markings of all the air forces with non-RAF insignia (it's a long list!). In all my research I kept coming across this beautiful royal blue Hurricane that participated in the King's Cup Air Race at least a few times, including in 1950. It is the last Hurricane ever built, an Mk IIc, which Hawker kept and (I believe) continues to own (although it looks nothing like the above photo today!). G-AMAU does not perfectly fit with my Hawker Hurricanes around the world theme, but last year I did a "civilian interlude" and built another Hawker-owned Hurricane, G-AFKX: This GB gives me a good excuse for a second civilian interlude! One goal of my project was to build a variety of 1/72 Hurricane kits, and while my wife joined the project and used the Revell Mk IIc kit to build Greece, I myself haven't actually built the Revell kit, so I picked up another one which will serve me nicely for this build. The kit is cheap and you get what you pay for (lots of flash, for example), and I considered buying an Arma Mk IIc, which are vastly superior, albeit much more expensive, but the deciding point was that the cannons are removed on G-AMAU, and Revell's wings are already molded without the cannon fairings so will be easy to modify. It would feel sacrilegious to me to cut up an Arma wing... I ordered the Lifelike decals from a shop down under, and they arrived this week: Besides the fact that the cannons are removed, another modification to be made is this racing Hurricane carried Spitfire-style exhaust stacks, and I think I have a spare set from an Eduard Spitfire kit that I can use (will need to test fit to be sure). Otherwise I think #41 will be largely OOB. I have to confess, I already began cleaning up some pieces and assembling the wings, but should be able to resist getting much further before start date... looking forward to this GB, I expect lots of interesting subjects in the gallery!
  17. I have been back down to Calgary, and back home, and back down to Calgary, etc. the last few weeks, and on a couple of occasions have gotten to the Hobby Boss P-39. But I've been bringing her home now, too, to keep working on her. My biggest hold up is trying to figure out what to do for the fuselage-mounted machine guns, which Hobby Boss omits. I ordered these, which I may try to install through holes I have yet to drill: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/profimodeller-72001-gun-barrel-cal50-x-2--981839 Anyway, I also found a spare IP decal to apply--it felt too plain without it. @PeterB inspired me to consider replacing the kit's prop, so I explored the spares box. The kit piece is painted black, the unpainted prop is from a Hawker Hurricane Mk I. I didn't measure, and I'm guessing it's still short, but it looked better overall to me, and I didn't have anything else to go with. So, I assembled it with the spinner. I am working on the Nicaragua P-38 over in the STGB, but I want to assemble the P-39 first to test out the Liquid Gravity before I use it in the P-38. Especially now that Arma has a P-39 kit, I'm a bit more relaxed about treating this Hobby Boss P-39 has a guinea pig. Not that I will buy an Arma P-39, but I could if I wanted to (i.e. if this goes badly), y'know?
  18. Then tanks it shall have, thanks, James! I have most pieces off the sprue now, and these were cleaned up in preparation for a spray of Tamiya rattle can semi-gloss black. A few of these have subassembly complete or started, such as the superchargers, whose air outlets are separate pieces. I'm impressed with how well everything goes together on this kit. Here they are after blast number one:
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