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  1. Hi I have spare tin,s of the Xtracomour’s X321 if you want some contact me privately.
  2. Hi Guys has anyone used the studio 27 Lamborghini Miura etch set? namely the front bonnet grills, I have tried to make these,I made a jig to hold the frame part steady, but every time I go to insert more than 3 of the horizontal ribs the ones already fitted move out of position. I dont know if its because I am kack handed but no matter how I try and assemble this it does not want to work, Anyone who has done this I would love to here how to do it PLEASE HELP !!
  3. Hi Re this kit , have seen this built and have to say it was superb every inch a VC 10 the guy who built it, did not report any serious problems with it , his only comment was the undercarriage as supplied was sh*t and he used Heller 707 parts suitable modified BUILD IT !
  4. Hi Guys thanks for all your input, its good to hear what other modelers use for NMF and the results they get, I once many moons ago (40 od years)did a Revell DC-7C in kitchen foil great results but boy did take time and patience to do , for brush painting metallic I have found Vallejo acrylic Metal Color airbrush colors great but only brush application , tried airbrushing it but as with AK fragile finish and poor coverage .
  5. Hi Turbofan you say you use Mr metal lacquer paints and get great results , as I have not tried these what do you thin them with and at what pressure also what type of paint do you recommend for the base coat enamel or acrylic ? thanks all for the feedback, and I did see the Youtube videos on the AK paints , but every video you see on new products gives glowing results, as they are used in ideal conditions with perfect equipment, and by guys who do it for a living. i
  6. Hi Turbofan you say you use Mr metal lacquer paints and get great results , but what do you thin them with and at what pressure ?

    thanks all for the feedback, and I did see the Youtube videos on the AK paints , but every video you see on new products gives glowing results, as they are used in ideal  conditions with perfect equipment, and by guys who do it for a living.

  7. Hi all this is a general inquiry about AK interactive metal paints , I used there Polished Aluminium paint on a Minicraft B377 that I have built, the first bottle I used worked well and dried in a bout 1 hour max , the second bottle I used took 3 days to dry ! I contacted AK but as yet have not replied,also the black base coat they make takes lots of coats to cover , Is this just me or has any one else had similar problems with AK paints. While on subject of matalic paints,what have you found to be the best make to use and ease of application ?
  8. Hi 71 chally what mark of DH Comet are you looking for dimensions , is the Comet 4,C,B ? if so the, DH Manual quotes tip to tip 47ft 7in, elevator width 20Ft 8in with a dihedral of 10deg+/ -20Min If you need any further info send me a private mail.
  9. Hi Guys can any one help , I need a set of wheels for the Merit GP Merc, if anyone has a scrapper or a spare set of wheels I would pay for them,the originals have disapeared in a house move, as my car is wheel less and will never be compleated unless someone can help ?
  10. Hi again Ozothenutter sorry for delay in reply , just got back from holiday and very limited internet access,have sent you a PM anyone else out there with any info /Pics on the detail on the engine of this magnificent beast would be VERY welcome,
  11. ozothenutter Hi ozothenutter many thanks for the help , I spent many an hour searching the net and came up with very little, but you have come up trumps with your pics!, superb , but can I ask where did you find these great pictures ? its slowly starting to come together with this model, I am surprised that with the cost of these kits , and the detail that is included there is so much that is left unexplained / not included ? if they said (for the person who wants to "Super Detail" there model this can be found at *** web site or included in the instruction) I would understand , but nothing at all, maybe its a Japanese thing ? Once again guys your help with this is VERY much appreciated.
  12. Hi Vanroon many thanks for this link, but what I need, but am having no luck at all is pictures of the front of the engine when its out of the chassis, as when its installed in the car its nearly impossible to see any real detail, OR a copy of the parts/maintenance manual, but I dont know if these publications even exist ? let alone getting a scan of the relevant pages, looks likely that I will have to total ignore all the plumbing, which is a pity as in 1/12 scale its quite visible, dont know what other builders have done ?
  13. Hi again Guys the MFH Ferrari 330P4 is progressing slowly ,but I have run into problems, I have searched high and low on the net for pictures/info of the engine water and fuel plumbing, the run of hoses and pipes connecting the car fuel pumps to the engine driven high pressure pump, and fuel distribution system, and also the layout and connections of the car/engine water system, if any member can help with info pictures and or links to possible sources I would extremely great full.
  14. HI I think you will find that the series 475 U/C the same as the 400 but it was fitted with larger wheels and tyres that why the U/C doors were bulged to accommodate the bigger wheels.
  15. Hi all would love to do a W.I.P. but due to various circumstances this is not possible at this time,thanks for the link to the face book page very interesting ,I have now started it and have found that you have to check each part and its connecting parts to see if you need to drill out the holes,and or tap the holes, also its imperative to straighten everything before attaching anything as I did not and made a lot more work for myself ! some parts are low melting point solder(70oC) attached some epoxy and some superglue, as well as screwed together. You all so have to plan how to paint it, as it very difficult if not impossible once its put together. One last thing get yourself a GOOD miniature Phillips screwdriver as the 1.4mm screws as they are VERY hard material and if its the usual high tensile lead screwdriver it wont last long ! I will report any more observations that I think will possibly help other builders as and when I come across them.
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