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  1. Small update - I was able to resolve the issue. Turns out I was not applying sufficient amounts of varnish to the model. Applying more varnish gave me an even glossy coat. Applying an acrylic wash and trying to correct it with thinner removed the varnish however, but that's a whole other issue I suppose. I suspect I didn't wait long enough after spraying...
  2. Yes I'm brush painting as well currently, with Vallejo acrylics - due to ease of use, lack of smell etc. Lifecolor does some nice sets for Royal Navy models, but their paint is more suited to airbrushing. Will probably progress to airbrush at some point as I can get one from a family member for the cost of shipping. I used enamel back in the day as well, especially as there were no alternatives readily available. I also used Humbrol enamels, though I believe they would have dated to the early to mid 80s. From what you're saying it appears the quality has somewhat deteriorated?
  3. Very nice work on the planes I must say. I also quite like the colours used : the hull colour especially. Can you give an indication as to which colour you used for this? I have been using vallejo Hull red but it feels too dark/brown? I wanted to avoid the strawberry red lots of people seem to use. The flight is a nice green too. Ive been debating using a more olive green like you have or a darker green as indicated on the Airfix kit. Based on my research online, the olive green is more accurate.
  4. Oh dont worry about hijacking the thread, always happy to see other projects - especially if I plan to start one in the near future. I enjoyed the 1/600 Belfast, but it's quite hard to find ship models in this scale. 1/700 seems to be the most prevalent, along with 1/350.
  5. I would imagine that the flight deck would be somewhat difficult to return to its WW2 configuration - still nothings impossible. Doesn't Aoshima do a WW2 Victorious? Scratch-built is of course highly commendable, but it does require some imagination. I'll have to decide how I do my ark royal when I get round to it. Currently waiting on an airbrush before starting any more Royal Navy ships - all the paints I bought for have turned out to be somewhat unsuitable for brush painting. Are there any images of your Ark Royal?
  6. Well, to be honest, cool indifference has kept me out of most fights, perhaps a good degree of laziness as well... I'd say it's the enjoyment that counts. I enjoyed the Marceau as a first build. On my second build I smacked some PE railings on the Nelson, and found it to be OK, jut definitely still lots to learn. While I did invest in PE for the unbuilt 1/600 Ark Royal (a childhood build) and 2 tribal destroyers, I won't be doing the same for all my kits. I value my sanity too much. I'm a bit tempted by the Airfix HMS Victorious - LHS is selling one at a reasonable price. A
  7. You're right, it is the Z-31, although I know her as the Type 1936A. A quick Google search reveals we're both right, which means we won't need to challenge one another to fisticuffs on the south lawn . Heller has released an interesting kit for this particular model : a combo pack featuring both Z31 and Marceau. The quality leaves much to be desired however, details are a bit rough, some flash and I didn't care much for the plastic. I therefore have yet to complete the Z31.
  8. As promised, photo of my first attempt Heller 1/400 Marceau: It's missing the radar, which was very poorly modelled - but I was able to try some techniques out. Still experiencing some issues with my gloss varnish, so I'm holding off applying it to the Tamiya Nelson and Airfix Belfast I've already painted as I don't want to ruin them.
  9. Thanks for the heads up... I suppose now I have no excuse
  10. Nice, a Belgian Spitfire! I believe they used Belgian Spitfires in the film 'The Longest Day' Kortrijk is over in West Flanders... The wife, who is Belgian, maintains they speak a different language as their accent can be quite hard to understand.
  11. No, University of Leicester.... Yes, the worst is when the beer only hits you when you stand up. Too late ofc by then as you've already had 5... Although an indication should be the fact the bottle has 12% printed on the label I suppose.
  12. I live in a town halfway between Antwerp and Brussels.... The beer is of course one of the great advantages of this country . So much choice! Nice Leicester Tigers profile pic btw - spent some time there myself, as a student.
  13. Thanks! Only 'completed' model so far is the Heller 1/400 Marceau I got to run some tests - I shall endeavour to post an image here later (once ive figured out how) . Tamiya 1/700 Nelson is painted but as I'm facing a varnish issue I have been unable to finish it. Painting is also nearly complete on the Airfix 1/600 Belfast, without PE.
  14. Hi all, After about 20 years of not touching a model, I'm back! And all thanks to not being able to go outside. Currently enjoying 1/600 and 1/700 cheapish ship kits to get some skills going and get back into things. Not Belgian, just live here.
  15. Recently got back into modelling after 20 years or so.... Decided I'd do 1:700 and 1:600 ships - because why start with the 'easy' stuff when you can start with the tiny stuff eh. Anywho, tried using vallejo gloss varnish after painting but got a weird and undesired splotchy effect all over... Makes it look like it recently rained. I am using vallejo acrylic model color, and the rattle can is also vallejo acrylic. I tried brushing Humbrol Clear satin over it and the splotchiness was considerably lessened. Anyone have any ideas how I can avoid this problem in the future?
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