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  1. Hi all, I recently wrapped up this mini after spending most of March painting him to a standard I don't paint to. I wanted to push myself and complete a model fit for a display and hopefully I achieved that. I tried NMM (non-metallic metals) for the first time, worked on white armour, OSL, weathering and pigment powders to get to where the mini is now. There is likely more that I can do to push it further, but finished is better than perfect and I am happy with the level I reached. Please feel free to peruse the photos, they are larger if you click on them to get into the details.
  2. Hey all, As I whittle down my pile of shame, I present my Bladeguard Veterans and Lieutenant from the Indomitus box set. Going for a more realistic weathered style in contrast to the typical Games Workshop studio style. Bladeguard Veteran Squad Gallax of The Honoured First 5th Company Corpus-Lieutenant Cambega Ortiger Let me know what you guys think, these were fun to paint up and great models to boot. Feel free to have a look through the gallery at other angles, I didn't want to flood
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! @Blade2009 It seems we've gone opposite ways with the set! I'm currently painting up my Bladeguard from Indomitus. Great value set.
  4. Lovely build and it's always nice to see the odd IAC scheme make an appearance. I've had a MkIIc in my drawer for ages waiting to get some IAC decals.
  5. Hi all, Warhammer 40k is my go to hobby for the most part and I branch into scale every so often, but as I have a rather large pile of shame. The warhammer needs to get done before I indulge myself in other scales. Here's a Gamesworkshop Space Marine Eradicator squad from the Indomitus limited release set that came out mid-2020 and I'm only finishing these now. The symbols are freehand with the exception of the fist on the left pauldron and the weathering is done with a mix of brushed oils and acrylics with sponge weathering in places. Overall I'm very pleased and C&
  6. So it's only minor misting and I had done the majority of the clear coating before installing the glass on the piece, but I'd missed a bit and thought there wouldn't be an issue going over it. Sounds like a funny thing to do but in the moment it was what I'd decided, for better or for worse. Thank you all for the kind comments. I think it'll be a while before I do another scale car as the process is a good bit different to the aircraft or tanks I do.
  7. Hi all, New to the forum so thought I would show off a Christmas present I painted for my Dad in 2020. It's Tamiya's 1:24 Porsche 911 Turbo '88 or 930 if you want to go by exact numbers. It's his favourite car in his favourite colour so I wanted to make this a decent attempt. This was my first scale car so there were a lot of new things to learn in a relatively short space of time as I started this at the end of November and finished it on the 20th of December. Hard to complete working a full time job and trying to get home! I had no idea the amount of time it would take and how mu
  8. Incredible! Don't think I have anything else to add!
  9. Looks great, impressive tonal variation in the blue.
  10. Thank you all very much for the kind words, glad to see the silver bodywork worked out even if it was somewhat by accident! @Properjob56 thanks for the tip, I was debating on going for the thicker one as I could use the same wire interchangeably between different scales.
  11. This looks very nice! The bit of history behind the scheme is a welcome addition.
  12. Very nicely done, I have an old tooling of a 1:48 Stuka from Airfix in my pile of shame somewhere. Good weathering and the link you provided gives some good insights!
  13. Thank you kindly gents and thank you TonyOD for the link to the rigging wire, I'll be getting myself a spool of the superfine stuff for sure!
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