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  1. Masterclub make some for the Mk3 I think. Matt
  2. A job jobbed very well indeed, Matt
  3. The detail on that cooling fan from Miniart is very impressive to be honest, should all look very nice once you have done your painting magic Matt
  4. The Grizzly Groove The Canadian M4A1 Grizzly has a strange feature on the upper face of the hull at the rear, behind the engine deck and just above the cranking hole, I tend to call it the Grizzly groove, but I think it's mostly referred to as a rain gutter, because one theory is that the intended purpose of this gutter/groove is to drain away rain water from the engine deck area, but I think it's fair to say that its purpose is still unknown, It's a very baffling feature, but it does need to be added as all Canadian M4A1 Grizzlies have this groove/gutter on the rear of the hull.
  5. Looking on the bright side, at least when the wheels fall off, you're not gonna loose them Nice progress on the ice cleats and backplate. Matt
  6. From watching an unboxing video where they zoom in on the painting instructions, they do appear to show 8 bolts/nuts per wheel yes. Matt
  7. I'm getting 503's and then a black banner/sign at the top of the screen saying "Your account does not need activation" ?? Anyone else had this?
  8. That little etch metal bonnet looks very cool indeed, and a good job on the leads as well. That picture of your workspace made me smile, that looked like chaos Matt
  9. Plus Tamiya can at least count to eight
  10. We all have nights like this, hang in there, you're doing a fantastic job, Matt
  11. I totally agree yes, I would try and get a metal pin in there somewhere to strengthen things. Miniart have gone crazy, why didn't they just put the axle on the end of the suspension arm like everyone else does, then put a cap in the wheel? Matt
  12. Wheels on my Wagon And the next job on the endless list of things to do, is to get all six bogie units assembled and dare I say finished, but it does involve a lot of tiresome work on some fairly small parts such as the suspension arms and the rocker arms that sit above them, which basically means a lot of repetitive boring work that takes forever, again, but it is mostly my fault this time as I chose to assemble the bogie units in a different way to how they are supposed to be assembled, as will become clear in the pictures below. Pictures above, Tasca p
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