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  1. @Dads203 with regards to your Tamiya putty zim that you got a bit fed up with, I think it looks very good, and if you compare it with Night Shifts Zim that he did on his tiger (I linked his vid about 20 pages back, lol) using the same stuff, then yours is just as good if not better because he cheated and had a lot of dmg in his, so he had less area to cover Agree with Mr Piggy as well, the metal mudguards are lookin' cool, and if your model making then the upstairs hasn't suddenly become the downstairs,... yet, lol Matt
  2. You're such a tease... The metal frame looks very good, I take it you didn't like the kit parts? or you broke them? Matt
  3. Yes, circle cutters tend to be best for large circles (if they are good quality ones, fitted with a small scribe blade) but tend to be rubbish for smaller work, which is where sharp metal point dividers tend to work better, my circle cutter is made from plastic and I hardly ever use it, I would probably struggle to find it, like you I would have to dig it out Matt
  4. Good lord that's another stunner, first the Sturmtiger, and now this Matt
  5. That's what I'm puzzling over at the moment, the hatches do look a strange shape, to me they look like a kind of teardrop shape but there's a part of me that has a sneaky feeling that it might just be an illusion because of the angle at which the picture is taken and because the hatches are laid out flatter in the open position, I'm going to test this out by modifying some M4A3E8 hatches so that they lay flatter when open, and then take some pictures from a similar angle, see if it matches. A very nice RFM Sherman Vc Firefly kit has just come into my possession (birthday
  6. That Church looks very good, you should of carried on with that project Matt
  7. I'm yet to be convinced that this poor Tamiya M4A3E8 upper hull didn't die in vain, but I couldn't think of anything better to do with it than chop it up, so whatever, and I am using other parts of the kit so not a total waste I suppose, and talking of not being convinced, after doing some marking out on some hulls and looking at pictures... and measuring things, I'm not convinced about that 30cm (300mm) stuff that is talked about on the internet, but I suppose I can worry about that later, much later... R.I.P Tamiya M4A3E8 hull top, he maybe died for a good cause, bu
  8. Get some spring loaded sharp point Dividers, preferably with a locking bar and thumb wheel, like these - You can cut very precise perfect circles with them, and in thin card you can cut all the way through the plastic with them, simply set them to your diameter (obv) then do a gentle first scribe to set a scribe line, and then just keep scribing round with a gentle twizzle of your fingers, in thin card they can scribe all the way through, and in thicker card just scribe a trench then snip to the scribe line and clean up. It's a lot easier than trying to s
  9. That looks very good considering you only have one picture that isn't exactly very clear to work from This is kinda why I tend to think that their secondary objective was to gain room (top plate length, in front of the turret ring) by moving down the angle of the front plate, which gave them more room for hatches behind the front plate, so the hull itself got shorter in height, but at the same time it got longer in terms of top plate length. Have you got any thoughts on those two front hatches on the Degem Yud Peter? I'm still kinda thinking M4A3 large hatches that h
  10. ^^ That's perfect for a barn find build, which are all the rage at the mo... apparently I've got a Chunder Models Scammell Pioneer Recovery that I plan on doing as a barn find job, when I say plan, I mean I've got the kit and looked at the wheels/tyres and thought how the hell am I gonna make them look flat as a fart... then I just put it all back in the box and forgot about it... Matt
  11. Fantastic job, looks awesome Quite a few reviews of this RFM kit mention problems with the mortar racks, and the top plate not fitting properly once the racks are installed, but you seem to have nailed it, very nice job. Matt
  12. That's an interesting choice of words... I'm intrigued Nice progress, wheels and tyres look very well detailed, and 9 D sprues, lol... Matt
  13. Looking at the picture of that seat, it could of had some crazy kind of pull out/forwards and then upwards hinge arrangement in the middle section, this would lift the back of the seat higher as in the picture, so that the front misses the steering wheel, and would maybe leave the seat as it appears in the picture? just a guess... But anyway, very nice work, that engine is very cool indeed. Matt
  14. Thank you for confirming that Peter, that at least now gives me a starting point, M4A4 lower hull, and then just build upwards. Turns out those two pictures originated on a blog (probably Russian) in which it stated that yes the primary purpose was to lower the silhouette to more closely match that of a T-54/55, but depending on what they started with, a secondary purpose could of also been to in effect clean up the front plate (remove any shot traps) and get better crew hatches, M4A3 large hatch for instance has a very clean front plate, the hatches don't interfere with
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