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  1. I really like the color it's a shame about the bleed through could you cover some of it up with decals and weathering?
  2. The rear tyres on some of the modern replicas are huge. I used to go to the kit car show at stonleigh most years before covid and always gave these a good look over on the stands. I looked into building a replica but i cant afford to build one and do it justice (arround 60-80k . There used to be a nice one in the same color scheme that you are doing with a genuine Ferrari lump
  3. Thanks for letting me know the masking on the bonnet is probably the bit i would find the hardest to get right as masking is one of my weaker areas. I know the detail up set has some different decals in although i don't know if the Marlboro decals are included it may be worth a look
  4. i will be watching this with great interest as I like the look of this kit and i'm building the st165 safari car at the moment. Gary is there more than one decal sheet in the pack or is there just one?
  5. I have had a bit of a more productive day today as the side effects of my first covid jab have worn of considerably i still have a numb arm and stiff shoulder but its not going to stop me painting and its a small price to pay if it stops me getting covid. Anyway i have managed to prime 75% of the kit. I have also drilled out the exhaust tip and experimented with drilling the brake discs. They have been primed and painted in alacad steel. This is my new go to brake color. I have also started painting the front skid plate, I think that is what its called. Its gone a nice dirty yellow color. i will be adding the white details and going over the bolts with a grey or black paint i haven't decided which yet. The last thing i did was attempt to paint the wheels a nice white. I have started using the Mr hobby aqueous paints and i have had a slight hiccup. The mig one shot primer has bleed through the paint so i am going to have to strip it all off and start again with a different primer. No matter how many coats i put on it kept bleeding through after each layer dried the edges faded back. Im just glad it was the wheels and not the main shell. I have the choice of mr surfacer white or ump white primer. I would have rather used something a touch darker so i could make sure its all covered however if its white any bleed through it should be less noticeable if i prime it in white. Any recommendations on which primer to try next i have had good success with the darker mr hobby primers previously but i have yet to try the white primer. and i had a couple of problems with some of the other ump primers reacting with the paints on the vfr build. any suggestions to stop the bleed through happening again would be appreciated as well as any recomendations as to which primer to go with.
  6. Thanks for the heads up windy I will be extra cautious with these areas now that I am aware of it
  7. Thanks Stef N its definitely something I will be doing on my next bike build. I have just drilled out the exhaust tip I will have to re prime that area a bit but it definitely adds some depth to the exhaust when the exhaust is done I will put up some pictures so you can let me know what you all think of it.
  8. I just tried it a little while ago and it's not noticeable enough at this scale to make it worth doing as the paint fills some of the hole back in however I will definitely try it again on a 1/12 scale bike or car kit as it would be a lot more noticeable
  9. Hi and welcome to the build thread for my third model. Its a Toyota Celica GT four 165. To be more precise i'm building the 1990 safari rally wining car sponsored by rep sol as a challenge to myself to improve the quality of both my decal work and white paint finishes. The kit is made by Aoshima /beemax and so far I have to say my initial impression is that there is lots of fine details and the quality of the mouldings appear to be top notch. I dry assembled a lot of the kit in two sections looking for any potential problems and apart from the roll cage being a potential pain in the neck if the c7r I built as my first project was anything to go by I could only find two areas which I predict could cause me a few headaches. The first is the suspension as I found it akward to line it up correctly however when I finally got it right it seemed like a matter of alignment. The other potential issue is some of the holes are a snug fit before I add paint in to the mix but again i think this wont be to bad of an issue. My current plan is to drill out any of the peg slots if I cant get the parts to fit correctly as a last resort. I am considering drilling out the brake disks with my new pin vice kit they wont be to visible should I goof it up and it will be good practice for when I build my next bike kit should I match the drill bit to the existing indents ? Would I be better of to do this before or after I have painted them in the base coat? Had I thought of it I would of taken some pictures of the sprews before I started but I didn't think to so here are some pictures of the parts I have primed so far. I have had my first covid jab today and its knocked me for six so i haven't been able to get as much done as i would like to have done.
  10. i have got the body done in a nice blue after trashing the decals on the first attempt in a nod to one of my brothers road bikes. I have attempted my first ever panel wash on the fuel cap. I am waiting on the decals to cure on the fuel tank and number plate for a couple of days then I can spray my final clear coats. other than that all i have to do is fit the indicators and cut the breather hose for the fuel tank hopefully my first bike will be finished by the end of next week. it certainly won't be my last and at some point i will have another go at doing the rc30 in the factory colors. i have a spare engine and exhaust so I will be building that up and I may attempt to scratch build a trolley to put it on along with the spare wheels. with the exhaust I will be trying to do some heat staining but I haven't worked out how I will attempt it just yet. Anyway here's the latest progress picture sorry about the poor quality photo i promise the next ones will be better
  11. Thanks this kit has given me quite a few headaches but it's finally starting to come together nicely I have learnt a lot from this kit after trying so many different things especially with the allcolad and metal effect paints.most of my headaches and problems were probably self inflicted I would highly recommend this kit.
  12. i have made quite a bit of progress on the bike even if it has been a bit slow going. I have had quite a few issues when I have been using alcalad paints. The problem i have has been that the paint cracks, wrinkles and flakes. i have come to the conclusion that the acalad black base is what has been the problems. I don't think it is drying fully as when i have swapped the black base for a layer of tamiya x18 the problem is 99% eliminated without spraying it any differently. I really like the finish of the alcalad paints when it works but i will be using x18 instead of the black base going forward and see if the problem returns or if it is an issue with the black base. When i get paid I will order more so far i have used highly polished aluminum, exhaust manifold, aluminum ,gold titanium and duraluminium. If anyone has used alcalad have you had similar problems? one other problem i have had is trying to add white detailing to the reservoirs its stripped the under layers of paint so I have had to go over them in red hopefully it will look like the reservoirs have had socks put over them like i used to do with my race cars. It didn't make any performance benefits but they were very sentimental as they were a present from my brother. Anyway I don't think it will look too bad but its not ideal. I detail painted quite a few different bits and this is the only one that has reacted. i have to come up with a new paint plan for the bike as i have wrecked the decals so I will be building this as a track bike rather than the show bike I had originally planned. i will be watching some more youtube videos to work out where i have been going wrong but I think its because i haven't kept the decals wet enough when adjusting them and i may probably should have been using microsol rather than relying on the set to do everything but hey its a learning curve i will get there at some point I still have a few decals i can use and practice on for the fuel tank to practice getting them to conform. My side project has taken over a bit as i got frustrated with the decals but this will be taking center stage for the next few weeks.
  13. Put the engine together today it was a bit fiddly at times. My first job was to decal the oil filter. I thought they were going to be really difficult as one is quite small and the other has to wrap round the filter but they went on a dream if the rest go on this easily I will be happy. after that i started fitting the engine parts starting with the filter housing and starter. The filter housing doesn't seat itself very well with the hoses fitted. While that dried I went to the garage and sprayed the center of the brake disc silver. The masking tape didn't bleed through this time thanks to the advice i got from you guys on my last build. After that i went over the chain again with the gold leaf. I think the colors about right now so the chain is now halfway done. after that i detailed all the bolts on the engine in x-18 and fitted the ignition wires and fittings and then painted the head bolts in chrome silver. At least that's what I think the color was before leaving the engine parts to dry for a bit. The ignition fittings are a very tight fit mine are sitting slightly proud and now stuck so i will leave them as they are and touch up the chipped paint unless they cause an issue later in the build. After leaving the paint to dry for a bit i then fitted what i think is the water pump housing and coolant pipework to the engine this area is really fidly and i lost count of the amount of times i have had to adjust it. it doesn't help that my coolant pipe is broke. I have the parts in place and hopefully secured. John if you build this kit i would make sure that you fit the cylinder heads to the block before cutting the black fitting that sits between the heads from the sprue as if i could of lengthened the part by filing the runner down a bit so it fits tighter between the heads. Its defiantly something i will take into account on any future builds as it may have saved a lot of agro. overall i have had a bit of agro with fitting a couple of the pipes which i put down to inexperience and a couple of part fitment issues which are probably down to me putting to much paint on and again my inexperience with fiddly parts. All that aside i have really enjoyed the build so far and the color is of the engine is really growing on me with the detail painting done and the other parts fitted to the engine it looks a lot better than i thought. I am glad I mixed a lot more of it than I needed as I really like the color. I will touch up the ignition boots tomorrow hopefully then I will be finishing of the swing arm section before starting the frame. I know I am doing some sections out of sequence but i really enjoyed building the engine on the c7r and couldn't wait to do the engine on this and the rear swing arm. anyway enough of me waffling on here's some pictures. Unfortunately the engine color looks a lot brighter in the pics than it is.
  14. my new airbrush arrived today so i have been putting it through its paces most of the day. I have achieved quite a bit all things considered by my pace anyway. I have painted the chain and sprockets in tamiya flat aluminum and detailed it with the Tamiya gold leaf it looks a lot better in person than the pictures although i may give it a final coat tomorrow to get the color i am after but i'm not sure yet i will decide tomorrow when its dried properly. I have also painted the engine ancillary's and they are now all ready for assembly when i get the detailing done on the engine itself however i have made a bit of a error in the mixing of the paint and its quite a way off. it looked a lot closer to what i was after when i had it in my mixing bottle but i like the color and am in two minds as to whether to re do it or detail it up and see where we are at. It does remind me of the color of the casings on the cbr engine we turbocharged for my old race car before i had to hang up my helmet. i think if i give it a good panel wash and detail the bolt heads etc. it will look different with all the ancillary's fitted hopefully toning it down a bit. i really love the color but im not sure if its right for the bike. I'm not going for full realism as i want it to look like a show bike so it may have been blinged up a bit. If you guys could have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think i would appreciate it. if i was to put a wash on it would i need to seal it with a clear coat before applying the panel liner? I will be using a black mig panel liner if that helps. i have started to work on the rear suspension today as well having had the rear shock primed and getting the rear swing arm painted as well as the shock cap i am going to have a look at it tomorrow and i may try and do the rear shock in the ohlins colors. A decision i have made while typing this update. My main focus on this build has been and will continue to be my paint and masking finishes as there were a few finishes that were notably weaker than others on the last project. Anyway enough waffling from me here's some progress pictures sorry there not the best quality. I Will try and link in the refrence photo i was using for the engine.
  15. Thanks guys I think I will be moving over to mr hobby paints as I seem to be struggling to get some of the paints. I will post some progress pictures at the weekend if I get all the engine built up. I have had a bit of a mare today as my 0,4 needle airbrush has packed up. It stopped spraying so I went to strip it down luckily I had finished priming up. I took the parts in to dry in the house like normal. Then stripped the airbrush down and cleaned it thinking that would sort it. 20mins later still not spraying airbrush cleaner properly so I took the noble cap of and went to run a pin through it so i left it on the side and went back into get a pin to run through and remove any paint from it .i come back outside to find my mum bringing the dog through the garage, he nocks the table over making a huge mess and now the nozzle is no were to be seen so having spent two hours looking for it I have decided to get a replacement but with the price of the nozzle being nearly half the price of a new airbrush I have taken the plunge and ungraded to a new brush. On the plus side the wheels have come out brilliantly after the third attempt and you guys are definitely right about the mr hobby thinner
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