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  1. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my post and all subsequent comments, always good to hear other people’s observations. My freshly ordered B-wing turned up this morning, a supremely quick service considering I only ordered it at about this time on Wednesday. I am used to ordering Bandai SW kits from Japan and waiting at least a fortnight for them to arrive. It is as Andy predicted, the Revell marked boxing, which doesn’t bother me as all the rest of the box is brimmed with Bandai goodness. The price of the B-wing kits is still fluctuating somewhat
  2. Interesting... I was just perusing Amazon and eBay for Bandai Star Wars kits and spotted that B-wings have suddenly become more affordable this week. Average prices have usually been between £45 - £50, and that has always felt like it was just a bit too much for my pocket to stretch to and would only consider buying one for less than £40 inc p&p. Well... today I found a UK seller on eBay offering them for less than £37 including free delivery. So one quick click later and a purchase was made! Happy Days! Not sure exactly why prices have dropped, all the other Bandai
  3. Sweet! Let’s hope it is 1980s prices too!
  4. Excellent result! I do love an unusual aircraft and the Optica is certainly that. Now, what are the chances of us getting an injection moulded kit in 1/32 scale? Slim?
  5. Posting pics from Flick to here seems to be a bit of a mare, I managed to get one pic from the iPad ok, but resorted to booting the Mac for the other two... Grrr! If you are feeling a little flush then I can heartily recommend the crates from IKEA, they are the Samla range, lots of sizes to choose from and they are designed so that when you stack them the little feet on the bottom nestle neatly into the lid of the one below. They really aren’t that expensive and are built to last.
  6. Hi Pete, thanks! It has come in handy on so many occasions, especially scratch build sci-fi stuff. Aircraft Weapons by peely20, on Flickr Propulsion and Undercarriage by peely20, on Flickr
  7. Being a Northerner and a firm believer in getting your money’s worth, I have kept as many spare parts as I can from the very start of my modelling making days. I’ve certainly not kept all, but some of the one’s I do have are over 35 years old! I used to be able to tell which bit came from which kit, but my memory isn’t what it was... Anyhow, I used to keep them all separate in plastic ice cream tubs, until it started getting out of hand and the tubs were getting brittle too. So I had a sort out of the rubbish and an amalgamation of subjects/type. I then bought myself some sturdy cr
  8. If it helps I managed to dig out the couple of whitemetal 1/48 RN crew from long ago. I suspect they might have been Airwaves in origin.
  9. I could be wrong but I seem to recall - some time ago - buying a couple of 1/48 FAA crewmen in immersion suits that were sold as helicopter crewmen, they were in whitemetal. I think they were intended for the Revell Wessex HAS.3 as they were out long before the Sea King or Lynx were kitted, talking early 1990s here. One fellow was stood upright, the other one was definitely kneeling and I used him as rear crew on a 1/48 Fujimi Royal Marines Gazelle that I built, the pilot for that was seconded from a Hasegawa Hughes 500. Will have a look to see if I still have the RN chaps. Ar
  10. Not sure why the B Wing is more expensive than any of the other comparable 1/72 Bandai SW kits. I was so looking forward to buying a B Wing when it was announced, but so disappointed that the price was - to me anyhow - unreasonable and has continued to increase. Yes, I am sure that the technical skills and effort required to tool such a kit are very costly and the detailing is beautifully done, as the other kits are... but I am loath to part with a large amount of cash for a 1/72 model.
  11. Just done a quick search and Hannants have it listed for £49.99, or if you pre-order you can get it for £44.99. Release is not due until July. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BAN01208?result-token=iiAcN
  12. Ah things are finally moving, we now have a trailer. The show is to be broadcast this Autumn.
  13. It now seems likely to be broadcast at Christmas... perhaps... https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2019-07-23/dont-worry-bbc1s-the-war-of-the-worlds-is-still-coming-to-tv/
  14. The second trailer was released yesterday and if you haven't seen it yet, link below:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n1T3HxHd7Y At about 1:21 in we some brief glimpses of what seems to be vintage B Wings, A Wings and Y Wings as well as what appears to be the Tantive IV and another craft I don't recognise. I am guessing that the Resistance being a bit down on their luck have had to scavenge whatever craft they can get their hands on in order to take the fight to the First Order... The next brief glimpse we get is of a massive fleet of Star Destroyers, pres
  15. Thanks for the comments, plenty of food for thought there. I am considering scratchbuilding, just working out the best approach.
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