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  1. Thanks for the comments, plenty of food for thought there. I am considering scratchbuilding, just working out the best approach.
  2. Hi Pilgrim I have the 1/350 Falcon and it certainly is small, then I had a crazy notion to build an asteroid diorama based on a scene from TESB and that’s when I started looking for 1/350 TIEs.
  3. Hi I have an idea for a diorama that would require a couple of TIE Fighters in 1/350 scale, but I am drawing a blank on where to source them from, if they even exist! I have tried browsing through Shapeways but that is a very tedious task and the search engine is not much use if people don’t call things by the right name. So if anyone has any idea of where to get the blighters from then that info would be most welcome. Cheers NeilR
  4. If you don’t mind other people’s cast offs, then searching eBay for ‘scrapyard’ or ‘junkyard’ or ‘spares or repair’ titled listings for models can be a goldmine. I have bought a few listings where people were getting rid of old or broken and incomplete models that they no longer needed so that I could cannibalize them for bits and bobs. Tanks, helicopters, warships, static railway models, cars, trucks, motorbikes all are good. Ok, so you may have to wash the dust off what you buy and do a bit of disassemby to harvest what you need, but if it saves you money then the effort is worth it. A trip to your local DIY superstore can be useful too, I have built several models featuring various bits of hardware - screwcups, fuses etc. to add detail. Must get round to posting pics of a Warhammer 4K themed model that I built entirely from scrap kits, greeblies from the bits box and RC tank tracks.
  5. Has anyone any links to, or any of their own images they are willing to share, of interior shots of the Royal Navy's Jetstream T.3? Preferably the main cabin, but cockpit shots are welcome too. I can't seem to find anything anywhere, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards NeilR
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