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  1. I've heard the CA Boeings are very challenging to build. Looks like you've met the challenge with great success. Beautiful modeling and photography!
  2. Suhweeet! Superb XF-90! I have the old Wings48 vacuform kit in the stash. I think it was pulled from the mold too soon--parts of it are distorted, so it's going to take quite a bit of scratch built internal structure to force the parts into their proper contours.
  3. Yes, a failure of an airplane, but it still looks futuristic even today.
  4. Thanks Dennis. Did the Blackhawks transition over to the Lockheed XF-90, or am I thinking of another comic?
  5. Nice work! I really enjoy seeing the different versions posed next to each other, being able to see the differences between them.
  6. Thanks for the additional information! Ah yes, the F7F, another favorite. For some reason I'm fascinated with twin engine fighters.
  7. Beautiful model! I have a few of these in the stash, and am looking forward to building them as the Canberra is one of my all time favorite aircraft. I did build the ancient Airfix 1/72 Canberra back in the early 1980s and remember thinking at the time with all the lead it needed in the nose I could use it as a lethal club if needed.
  8. Thank you! I believe it was intended to be a very fast climbing fleet defense fighter.
  9. I hear you. I would love to complete some scratch building projects (started a few, never finished any), but with all the kits in the stash and so many other obligations it is near impossible to find the time.
  10. Interesting! I'm guessing it will be live action with CGI? I'm not much of a comic book movie fan, but for a subject like this I could change my mind.
  11. "Ice Station Alpha"?! Hmmm, was the creator of Ice Station Zebra a Blackhawks fan?
  12. Yes, apparently Collectaire owner Lou Maglio contracted out all the pattern, mold, and casting work, so the quality of kits could vary. Supposedly the kits produced by "the Russian" were the best (I don't know which kits were the Russian's). $500 for a kit is insane! That would provide me a lot of motivation for a scratch building project!
  13. I think it was featured in some comic book series back in the '30s.
  14. Good luck to you sir with the Dog Sabre ! Now that you have conquered the Vigilante, I'm sure you will bring that puppy to heel! I saw a fellow modeler's Collectaire Demon at a club meeting many years back--it looked awful rough! I always felt that if Collectaire's kits had been vacuform I probably would have bought at least one of everything they produced in 1/48. The subject matter was right up my alley, but their rough execution in resin and high prices were too much for me. I do have their Douglas D-558-1 Skystreak in the stash. I decided to pass on buying the Special Hobby kit when it was available, now I'm wondering if that was the right choice. It does look decent in the box compared to their other kits, so maybe it won't be too bad a build.
  15. Great looking Vigilante! Good on you for persevering through the challenges. I know how rough Collectaire kits can be. I had their F6U Pirate. It had a solid resin fuselage that was warped like a banana. I contacted Lou about it (this was what, 25 years ago?), and he was kind enough to send a replacement fuselage--that was just as badly warped!
  16. This is a kit I built quite a while ago, but just got around to photographing. From what I remember it was a very nice kit, but the nose and cowlings required some putty. The cowlings in particular were quite fiddly. It's OOB, with the exception of the antenna masts and antenna wires.
  17. Superb modeling skills here! Beautifully done aircraft and probably the best water sculpting and painting I've ever seen. An exciting diorama that tells a story and gives a sense of what it must have been like to actually be there. Bravo sir!
  18. Nice work! It looks like Frog got the line of the fuselage/windshield right, unlike almost every published drawing of the Hornet.
  19. Magnificent! You really did justice to that old kit. Bravo sir!
  20. Wheels up and exciting camera angles--you really captured the beauty and power of the Spitfire!
  21. I always liked the Victor--science fiction made real! Nice work!
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