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  1. Beautiful work! Makes me want to dig out my Maintrack Models Project X vac kit out of the stash and have a go.
  2. Amazing masking and paint job! Excellent work!
  3. Very nice! Gotta love Amodel for going where few others dare.
  4. Beautiful work! Don't worry about the missing stabilizer. It will show up as soon as you get a replacement. Please don't ask how I know this!
  5. So nice! Great modeling on the aircraft and the "diorama". I've had one of these in the stash for ages. Maybe it's time to dig it out. Your build is inspiring.
  6. Beautiful model, but can we have some more information? Kit, scale, how the build went.
  7. Fantastic modeling and photography!
  8. Very nice--top shelf work!
  9. Great work! I like the way you did the burnished metal and your choice of green.
  10. Another beauty. Well done! This looks like the Copper State kit. How did it go together?
  11. Fantastic! Great photography too!
  12. Perhaps not an easy kit, but your results look flawless. Nice work!
  13. Wow, that is not one seen too often. Really beautiful work!
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