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  1. @Seawinder Thanks for the info about the colors. Indeed i was able to figure out the two-tone FS36118/FS36270 but i wasnt aware of the variation on the nose cone. Regarding the decals i literally ordered the ones you mention five minutes ago! What a coincidence.... So far i thought that these decals where only available by Twobobs and Authentic Decals however by pure luck i stumbled on Speed Hunter Graphics and instantly ordered them. Hope there wont be any issues with the postage. I know these are 1/48 but i was thinking maybe i could scan them, scale them down and then find a stor
  2. Unfortunately the guy who was planning to send me the decals (TwoBobs 72-033) hasnt contacted me for quite some time . Hope he is well because we had nice communication so at some point i started thinking that something might happened to him Still no luck finding this decal so @draggie748 is your offer still valid? I was also thinking if one could scan the sheet and i just find someone/some store to print it for me. The other alternative is to start learning how to make custom decals on my own. I have studied a few posts and looks like it requires some effort.
  3. thanks a lot Laurie for the quick reply. Yes the link help much but unfortunately due to eyes-issue i am facing i cannot distinguish very easy colours hence why i am usually searching for colour codes. Nevertheless the link you provided will help a lot. Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot for your replies. Indeed the decals are in extinction however i managed to find a person who had a spare sheet. Negotiation now starts.
  5. Hi. After twenty years away from scale modelling (all of my aircrafts were destroyed) i decided to come back to the hobby with an 1/72 Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50 Fully equipment however i need some info which still wasn't able to find on the net. Couple of weeks a go i was reading the book "Viper Pilot: A Memoir of Air Combat" by Dan "Two Dogs" Hampton which i really enjoyed. Few days later i received Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50 Fully equipment as Xmas present. I am so happy because the specific version (CJ - Weasels) is what "Two Dogs" used to flight AND i went mad when i noticed that th
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