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  1. Superb modelling and a very interesting subject, well done.
  2. It's really good, any Bf-110 is a challenge with all the glazing and the exhausts but this looks spot on.
  3. Super job Ian, It's hard to weather those dark grey early tanks but it looks good to me.
  4. He shots, he scores. Brilliant work as always and yet another smile on my face.
  5. Easily one of the best works in progress I've seen on any site. Amazing work and great to follow.
  6. Nothing wrong with this one, great job and well done. Just like I remember this fantastic aeroplane.
  7. Excellent modelling again Nenad especially like the colour palette and stowage, well done
  8. Really good modelling again, like you my decals have also had a couple of failures so probably won't be doing it again. Well done though it looks brilliant
  9. Brings back many happy memories of how we used to model before Tamiya etc. Love it.
  10. It looks really good especially the spinner, weathering also looks spot on to my eyes.
  11. Really like this model and the photography
  12. I reckon you've gone up a gear even on the previous builds Jean. Weathering and colour tone look spot on, well done
  13. Excellent paint job and weathering, Mossies are difficult to weather in my view but you've nailed it here
  14. Another work of art Jean, you're on a roll with complicated camouflage patterns
  15. Very nice I've always liked the two tone camouflage.
  16. Really good backstory and modelling Selwyn, isn't it amazing how our parents shape our lives in one way or another. As it happens my dad build this for me when I was about 4 or 5, can you imagine how happy I was to work on these fantastic looking aircraft in the RAF during their last few years. Money just can't buy memories like that. Thanks for the post, do you have the original box art.
  17. Ridiculously good in every respect, all the better since it's scratch built. The finish is really top notch as well.
  18. Nanond that is one stunning looking model, love the sea and the overall look/weathering. Well done.
  19. I know nothing about WW1 aircraft but I know when I'm looking at a masterclass in modelling. It must be really difficult to rig and paint something so big and to that level but you've nailed it.
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