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  1. That's a stunning model as well as an interesting subject. Great modelling skills especially the paintwork.
  2. That's a great looking half track, really good build and paintwork as well. I'd say it was worth the wait.
  3. You've done a brilliant job again Nenad and the background story really adds to the post. I have to agree with the others about the excellent dusting, of course the model itself is well made and the photography is top notch as well.
  4. Absolutely nailed that one Mathy, I can't fault anything on this model. The photography is also very good, well done.
  5. That's a belter Zigomar, The French camo looks superb. Well done.
  6. Great looking Marder, you've done a cracking job there. I assume the shells are turned brass because they look so real.
  7. Fantastic modelling especially from young Jack, he's got skills I didn't have at his age. It's magic to share this sort of quality time together with the young ones.
  8. Stunning model on every level and a very interesting subject when shown like this with all the ground support equipment. Can't wait to see your next one.
  9. Top notch model, coastal command aircraft make for great subjects and you've nailed this subject.
  10. Really great looking Jug. The metallic finish with the riveting is superb.
  11. I don't know the aircraft well but that's a belter. Top notch build, painting, weathering and photography. The static wicks on the tail surfaces look spot on.
  12. There's been a lot of work gone into this build and it's paid off again for you. Really good little vignette as well.
  13. Really nice model in all respects, the sea looks dramatic and realistic for the scale and makes the whole subject super interesting. Well done
  14. Superb Andy, easily one of the best B-17s I've seen in any scale. Well done.
  15. Very nice, love the colours used and just the right amount of weathering for me.
  16. Really good looking Ho229, I really like the wood effect. Well done.
  17. Superb, I like the tone of this model. Making the overall green paint job look interesting isn't easy but you've nailed it.
  18. I'd be very happy with that mottling, good build as ever Zigomar.
  19. Although this is mostly an exercise in painting, I reckon you've set this one alight. Seriously superb painting and weathering. It doesn't matter that it's a what-if, a good model is a good model. Not bad for a Derby lad.
  20. Very nice in all respects, no wonder you picked up an award. Love the diorama as well.
  21. Looks pretty good to me, I think the colour is spot on by the way.
  22. I love everything about this build, random but really well executed.
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