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  1. nothing wrong with Chopper Popper I may build that one some day, but with it looking how it did during the war.
  2. Looks like that decal sheet is a copy of the Tamiya kit decal sheet. 715 of the 353rd TFS is also a DS jet; it was the squadron CO's plane, though decal sheet it lacks the specific post war scoreboard markings, and the "Panther 1" nose art.
  3. The 58th TFS did receive AIM-120 missiles towards the end of the war, but none were fired in combat. There are various pics out there with this loadout. They mainly carried AIM-7 and AIM-9M missiles. The AIM-9X was quite some time after Desert Storm.
  4. Thanks for sharing the story. I believe I read somewhere that Schwarzkopf used Delta for his protective detail?
  5. what squadron are you planning on representing? I might have some left over decals from my DS builds.
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