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  1. Hi there. My name is Sean and I’m from St Albans in Hertfordshire. Recently got back into modelling via part works. I’ve got a couple of styrene kits but I’m lacking the confidence to start one, basically I’ve got all the gear but no idea Sean
  2. Thank you Thank you Paul
  3. Godfrey of Acre


    Hi there I’m new to this forum and am wondering how I post pics from my phone as I can’t seem to find that option. Any help would be appreciated regards sean
  4. Thanks, Pete. Will d Thanks Pete, will do. I spent most of the first lockdown making a man cave, so now in 3rd lockdown I hope to be using
  5. Hi Dennis I’ve got the Bismarck and MK1A spitfire on the go, along with the fasted hunk of junk in the galaxy but my thing is sci-fi And thanks for the welcome
  6. Hi there im not an experienced modeller, got a couple of part works on the bench and a few off the shelf kits still in their boxes, lockdown got me back into a childhood hobby. No doubt be asking for advice when I’ve got further than the frame work on the millennium Falcon regards sean
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