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  1. 1/72nd Armstrong Whitworth Albermarle. 1/35th Ferret armoured car. Both British subjects not widely covered by other manufacturers
  2. In Barrow , there are 2 shops selling models. Crafty hobbies which has a mix of model railways, dolls houses and has a fairly eclectic mix of kits , they have actually expanded the amount of space given over to kits, apparently they did well during lock down selling kits. There is also Heaths toy master which is mainly Revell and Tamiya with a few Airfix and others in the mix, best place for paints and accessories. Not too bad really for modellers when you notice how many other shops are now closed in the high st.
  3. I have the humbrol equivalents of RLM 72 + 73 for an Ar 196 and they look too alike, those colour coats look better.
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