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  1. Both are done, used a shadowbox display case from a local craft store. I fabbed up a couple of styrene "holders" that support the Hawks from the forward wings. One of the circular dome bases was trimmed, primed and painted to somewhat resemble the planet from the War Games episode. The star field was made by flicking white paint from a toothbrush, and a light mist was applied diagonally to simulate a bit of nebula. I have yet to get a couple of framing nails in the wall but that's the final thing to do.


    Guess I'll get cracking on the 1/72 Eagle next, hope I can find another case to fit it!







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  2. More progress! Weathering added this round. I use a homemade wash mix I found on the interwebz:

    4 pts. dish soap (I use detergent)
    1 pt. paint (Tamiya Nato Black)
    1 pt. plain water

    Apply and wait for it to dry completely before rubbing it off with a Q-Tip (or cotton bud, for our friends across the pond). The major advantage is that it doesn't attack certain plastics, such as Bandai, and if you don't like it you can easily clean up with a damp cloth/Q-Tip and try again. I found that the color I used gave the plain white paint a nice off-white finish in addition to building up in crevices and making raised features pop a bit. I'll be adding some more subtle weathering before gluing on the last of the details and tying it all together with a couple of light coats of clear Tamiya TS-80 flat lacquer. One caveat about this last, though...don't use it over any metallic paints, because it really dulls down the shine, hence the engine bells, vertical lifters and side maneuvering thrusters will be the very last things added.



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  3. My first build for 2022. This will be the companion Hawk to the all-white version I posted up here last year. Similar paint colors with the exception of using Tamiya X-6 Orange, which is a gloss but will be flattened with TS-80 after decals are done.




    Nasty seams! 😠



    I ran some Tamiya masking tape on both sides of the command module and puttied them up:


    The result after masking tape is pulled:


    Some elbow grease, all better now!



    Hmm, something's missing... 🤔



    Ready to hunt some Eagles! 😆



    Time to sling some of that signature orange livery. top and bottom.




    After the tape is pulled. I swear, a clean masking job reveal is like unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning.






    More to follow later!


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  4. On 1/22/2022 at 2:37 AM, Kallisti said:

    Looks great - I built mine as the white version and still haven't got round to building the alternate colour scheme!

    Are you aware that this year Round 2 are planning to release a large scale Hawk to match the scale of the 22" Eagle? Thats going to be a MUST BUY and BUILD :)

    Oh absolutely! The bigger 1/48 Hawk is at the top of my 2022 wishlist. 😉

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  5. Please excuse the decal backing paper carnage in the background! 😆


    Nearing the end of completion of my MPC Hawk (this is the Round 2 re-release). I wanted to do the orange/white scheme but for some odd reason couldn't find a proper orange that looked good to my eyes, so all-white it is. It's pretty much a straight OOB build, primed with Badger Gray Stynylrez and sprayed with a couple of gloss coats of white (Tamiya X-2), for ease of decal application. When all is done she'll get a clear flat finish. Although the parts didn't literally fall together like a Bandai kit, the assembly went better than I expected, with the exception of breaking one of the tiny lunar lander legs that brace the rear engine assembly, despite careful use of my Tamiya hobby nippers. 😡 But hey, it just made me think of this build as a trial run of patience for one of the Bandai Y-Wings in my stash.







    Microscale Micro Set and Microsol were my two best friends when it came to help wrap those tiny orange decals around the trusswork.




    One little trick I learned for finishing the main and booster engine bells:


    1. Polish the bare plastic with ultra-fine grit sanding pads. I used a Gundam "Raser Balancer" sanding stick, which I've read is equivalent to 2000 grit. You'll get a nice glossy finish.
    2. I airbrushed two mist coats of Tamiya X-1 gloss black followed by a heavy wet coat . That's right, no primer!
    3. Again, I applied two mist coats and a final wet coat of AK Interactive Xtreme (481 Polished Aluminum). When dry you get a nice sheen that almost rivals the aftermarket aluminum Eagle bells.





    Finally, I don't plan on using the included base. If I can find a shadow box that agrees with the model's dimensions, it'll become a wall hanging.


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  6. UPDATE: Life stuff got in the way and held up my build, but it's back on the bench with some progress.


    After stripping the Tamiya color coat, I decided to try the Vallejo Model Air line, with White Gray and Yellow being the primary colors. The engine cans were finished off in silver with a gold band, and everything sealed with a couple of coats of Future clear acrylic prior to weathering with Abteilung oils (Starship Filth & Rust Brown); the sooty smudges are airbrushed Tamiya flat black. I was planning to light the cockpit instrumentation but due to the tight, interlocking nature of Bandai's snap-together parts, routing the fiber optics from the light source was more than I wanted to deal with so I just left the engine wiring intact. Next time, maybe...? 🙂


    Once the canopy masking is removed, cannon installed and the ship flat-coated, all that remains is to paint the base, then she's done!

















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  7. I'm not really satisfied with my choice of colors on the tail & engines. So I've decided to strip it down to the primer. How, you ask? Well, seeing as how I'm using Tamiya acrylics, I'm going to use a household product that works quite well.




    Yep, you heard me right. A few hours' soak in the stuff and parts come out ready for a respray (I'm using Stynlrez).



    Current colors:




    Out come the LED assemblies...




    Only for the other bits to get soaked in the evil blue stuff. 😄




    Bwahahaha! 😈



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  8. Working on another A-Wing, this time in 1/72 scale. I decided to light the engines from the start; I also wanted to illuminate some cockpit gauges but it's tricky getting those fiber optics to bend in the tight confines of the space between the cockpit tub and the fuselage interior. I'll also need to figure out a way to block the light from the SMD LED that will sit beneath the pilot's feet (I may have to amputate his legs). This ship will be given another non-canon paint job, I just haven't decided what colors or pattern yet.








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