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  1. Well, the Eagle is done and dusted. Thinking of displaying her in a similar fashion to my Hawks, mounting it on the wall in a shadow box. The real trick is finding one that fits the model's dimensions. I guess after clearning the workbench I should get cracking on my next project...
  2. Happy Breakaway Day! Just need to finish the detailing, apply window decals & attach the pod boosters, then a final satin clear over everything.
  3. She's getting there...just have to finish paneling the passenger pod and then she'll be ready for Alan to test-crash fly.
  4. Latest WIP of my 14" 1/72 MPC Eagle. Paint is a basically all Tamiya acrylics. I got a set of the optional aluminum engine/VTOL bells, and while they're not exactly cheap they do kick up the realism a notch. I was planning to give the passenger pod the red stripes and make this a rescue eagle, but I think I'll do up my big 1/48 scale kit that way instead.
  5. It may be based on SBY but doesn't follow any movie, anime or manga. Here's a little blurb from a random Google search: "1/700 SCI FI SHIP Suyatta's Combination Fleet series in the sky has aroused great repercussions in the science fiction market after it was launched with its unique original design and story background. However, only Nagato and Mutsu were too lonely. I-400 and I-401 came to support. "In order to make up for the disadvantage of the number of warships, SRK decided to build a batch of special warships with both reconnaissance and assault functions. This type of special warship is equipped with reconnaissance airships and long-range thrusters. In addition, confidential models of torpedoes and mines were also equipped on battleships for combat testing. These torpedoes have the appearance of a meteorite camouflage. These special warships are called "special-type air submarine ships", and the two known as I-400 and I-401 are currently in service. "In order to deal with the enemy's increasingly powerful anti-potential capacity, the I-401 was replaced with a meteorite-shaped camouflage shield." There is also a space submarine available, the "I-400."
  6. This is one of the weirdest things ever (the central bridge "pagoda" is detachable and transforms into a mech). So I ordered it and it got added to my stash.
  7. Outstanding build! I just received the same kit, shopping for photoetch bling for some additional touches. PS: 1/20m you have the big PlayMax kit? I've been wanting one but they're hard to find, and the price jumped considerably. I should have bought one when they first hit the market.
  8. Watching this build, because I'm a Macross fan!
  9. Very nice build! This kit has been on my wish list for ages.
  10. Both are done, used a shadowbox display case from a local craft store. I fabbed up a couple of styrene "holders" that support the Hawks from the forward wings. One of the circular dome bases was trimmed, primed and painted to somewhat resemble the planet from the War Games episode. The star field was made by flicking white paint from a toothbrush, and a light mist was applied diagonally to simulate a bit of nebula. I have yet to get a couple of framing nails in the wall but that's the final thing to do. Guess I'll get cracking on the 1/72 Eagle next, hope I can find another case to fit it!
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