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  1. tell them to get stuffed you and bb should be very proud of what you have done
  2. you are not OLD at wrong side of sixty, i am 75 and have just started modelling for the first time
  3. been inside the one at Newark dont know how they coped in such a small space for hours on end
  4. thats a fantastic bit of foil work. royblackmatt
  5. i am about to build my first ever car being a complete novice some advice please. i need to replicate a chrome strip down each side of the car which of the above would you suggest i use. thanks
  6. i see i need 100 or more posts to post in the for sale section etc, i am 75yrs old and started modelling to help with lockdown so i will probably never reach 100+ posts. is this ruling fair to people in my position
  7. i am about to build a 1/444 revell A320neo there are window strips supplied which fit inside the fuselage however i have read where people fill the windows instead of using these or fill over them and use the decals later, surely windows are meant to be transparent so why fill them in
  8. i have been thinking of buying the revell boeing 737-800 kit but having read some old posts about this model it seems to be rather complicated,i am a complete novice to this only having built a revell concorde which went okay so is the 737-800 to difficult for someone new to modeling
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